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In the 1980’s Anguilla’s government decided to limit the development to upscale resorts and small hotels. There are no Casinos to this day and no Cruise Ships or shopping malls. In this way Anguilla can say that it has retained its Caribbean–ness.

For this shrewd decision making Anguilla now has one of the larger concentrations of Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean. Such as the Viceroy, Malliouhana Hotel & Spa or Cap Juluca. Another class of place to stay in Anguilla is the super Villa.

Anguilla Luxury : Why Anguilla is a luxury Island ?

Super Villas allow you the privacy that is missing from a resort or hotel. You don’t have to go over and be social after all when it is just you and your family. An option is Cove Castles in this area promising an experience between the hotel and resort that is neither.

Having said that Anguilla is a luxury island there are some opportunities for cheaper places to stay. These are normally guesthouses. The best sub 100$ guesthouses online I found here so click for cheap Anguilla places to stay

The beaches in Anguilla simply are stunning and you will probably be a close walk to your own shower between dips such is the design of many resorts and villas. You will probably have access to tennis and a fitness room to keep off the cocktails if the beach walks kayaking and sailing didn’t quite happen that day.

Things to do in Anguilla

For a list of things to do and activities in Anguilla visit the section Tours in Anguilla. But to summarise Anguilla is a place to enjoy your resort and the magnificent luxurious beaches along with many fine things. Take a historic tour of The Valley the Capital, available every Tuesday and Thursday, and also enjoy a guided rainforest tour.parasailing, windsurfing and water skiing, swim with friendly dolphins, easily organised around Shoal Bay. Organise a deep sea fishing tour. Anguilla has many artists exhibiting their works in the 15 or so galleries to be found. Particularly Cheddies Carvings - a local who creates from hardwood driftwood and today corals. Cheddie's Carving Studio, open Monday-Saturday, is on the main road in the West End near the Shell Station at the left turn for Cove Bay. Telephone 264-497-6027.

There is little formal night-life in Anguilla, the best bet is the Sandy Ground beach bars late on.

Sailing in Anguilla is not established as much as you might think. Sailors tend to more out at sea with no real marina. Sandy Ground Village near the salt pond has immigration facilities.

Anguilla’s Special Events

The Summer Festival, boat racing fireworks and calypso music in the streets as Anguilla does its Carnival ting !

When to Go and Other Travel Essentials

The high season for tourists on the island is from mid December until mid April. Its quite a dry island.

Wallblake Airport may be your point of entry or Ferry or Sail. The airport code AXA, is located just south east of Anguilla’s capital, the Valley. You will make a connection in the Caribbean region from your origin country. From the States the best transit point is St Maarten or San Juan and coming from Europe
 it is either St Maarten or Antigua.

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