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Scuba Diving Anguilla

There are many sunken wrecks and underwater parks that attract schools of fish around Anguilla. Check them all out by scuba diving in one of the seven marine parks that Anguilla offers: Little Bay, a calm, sheltered site suitable for training and night dives; Prickly Pear, a beautiful canyon characterised by ledges and caverns, where nurse sharks can be seen; Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System; Stoney Bay; Dog Island; Seal Island Reef System and Sandy Island

Click here for more on The Dive Sites of Anguilla. >>

Image credit thanks to rootnattie.

For scuba diving the water visibility is highest in the summer but the high season for tourists on the island is from mid December until mid April. It's quite a dry island. Water temperatures are not as high as they are in the south Caribbean.

Anguilla Wreck Diving

  • MV Oosterdiep, which sits upright in 75ft in Road Bay
  • MV Meppel and MV Lady Vie, which are also both upright in 80ft at Sail Reef
  • MV Commerce and the MV Sarah, both of which sit in 80ft
  • MV Ida Marie which is shallower in 60ft.
  • Anguilla’s most famous wreck is actually far older than these. El Buen Consejo, which sank in 1772 has been designated an Underwater Archaeological Preserve, set aside by the Government of Anguilla for its protection and for public enjoyment.

Diving Safety

You probably wouldn't come to Anguilla for the scuba diving. That's not to say it isn't at all pleasurable or good. Just that its an expensive island and it isn't about scuba! If you are here on vacation then doing a few dives might be just perfect. There is no Hyperbaric Chamber on Anguilla the nearest being neighbouring St Martin. You really would have to ignore basic safety to get the bends

Organise and Plan Diving

There are 2 main dive shops if you don't organise this through your resort - The Dive Shops of Anguilla >>

If you just want to snorkel then get some gear from the dive shops and try in Shoal Bay east of little bay (via boat from crocus bay).