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Can't decide between rafting, snorkeling, caving, or kayaking on your next adventure? Who says you need to?
If you are in seeking an active vacation based out of your own private island, then start packing your snorkel gear. There’s a little slice of paradise with your name written in the sand; it’s called Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, 35 miles off the coast of Belize. And it doesn’t hurt that the water is 80 degrees.

Slickrock Adventures bought the island in the early 90s. The owners are former river guides from the Western US, and they have created a premier adventure travel resort, with more water sport toys than any other location in Central America. Multisport vacations in desirable locations are becoming one of the hottest segments of the travel industry, and the more sports the better. Slickrock’s Belize Adventure Week, an 8-day, action-packed itinerary, will satisfy the athlete and the escapist in you.

This adventure tour starts out at a jungle lodge in the Maya Mountains. Over several days you explore a whitewater river by kayak and a series of water caves by raft. Swimming into a Mayan ceremonial chamber, you discover ancient artifacts a mile underground, and finally you climb a Mayan temple where the view stretches all the way to Guatemala.

After all this activity it’s actually relaxing to arrive on the island where you only have sea kayaks, surf kayaks, windsurfers, and paddle boards waiting for you. You can paddle off to some coral patch reefs or receive windsurfing instruction from expert North American and Belizean guides.

This eco-lodge is powered by the sun and wind with a little bit of propane thrown in to cool the beer. Beach front cabanas perched right over the surf will have you crooning the words to Gilligan’s theme song in no time.