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Caribbean Nightlife Drugs and TV

In Jamaica it seems some guys are trying to smuggle marijuana back onto their cruise ships ! I saw this program tonight that was called Caribbean Cops. It was a great tv show. Negril the main resort on Jamaica is a massive pull for tourists and the dealers. The dealers are comming in on kayaks avoiding the boats that patrol becase the reef is too shallow but the bigger fact is they are tiped off. So this guy gets caught as the cops check you getting back on. Now I never imagined this part of cruising but...this guy had some marijuana on him and was saying he got it just outside thinking it was just tobacco.

The cop got him fair and square though the guy probably just wanted to smoke it himself he was not being smart. His wife a large lady was allowed to get back on the ship. She didn't take it well and I think her best move was getting back on, it looked like the guy was going to get arrested. In the end the cop was very very lenient on him and let him go with a warning. He was probably the exception he could have missed his cruise holiday and ended up in a Jamaican prison on the side. I don't think they are very nice the prisons that is as the suspect had his head in his hands he was probably imagining it.
In Negril the nightlife was quite wild and if your young and hedonistic then check it out but just take care and enjoy at the right level. Don't let your brain depart completely. There is the juice guy boat that is kind of a bar on a shallow boat bringing drinks to the sun worshippers. I wish I could go there. Some of the best nightlife in the Caribbean.