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The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with its profusion of attractions, toasty climate and ravishing landscape of beach and mountain.

Vibrant culture and mouth-watering cuisine only embellish what is already stellar. But before you embark on your Caribbean holidays, it’s worth making a shortlist of what activities will most interest you.

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For quite some time, the Caribbean has been a highly desirable tourist destination. This is thanks to a laidback lifestyle, intriguing mix of cultures, superb cuisine and, of course, year-long mild climate. However, the region is now regarded as one of the world’s best places to go scuba diving. Below the Caribbean Sea’s beautiful turquoise surface lie natural coral reefs, incredible shipwrecks and abundant marine life. As a result, holidaymakers in their droves are jumping on flights to Barbados, Puerto Rico and Bonaire in order to discover these fascinating spots and species.


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The Caribbean has long been one of the most popular destinations for seafaring vessels of all kinds. From pirates to princesses, the waters of the mysterious Caribbean islands attract all sorts to explore some of the world’s finest scenery. That’s scenery both below and below the surface.


One of the most popular activities in the Caribbean is scuba diving, but with limited time it’s hard to know which dive spots are best. For the ultimate Caribbean experience, you can book a Royal Caribbean cruise and hit the highlights by day, then retreat to the comfort of a cozy cabin by night. Here are some of the very best dive spots in the Caribbean and some great places to stop on a blissful Caribbean holiday:

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Competent Crew USVI

Why not try learning to sail in the Caribbean with the competent crew course?

Have you always wished to get a bareboat certification and rent your own private yacht? Enroll in a competent crew course and learn all the expertise necessary to cruise in the Caribbean.

You can either enroll in a Caribbean crew private yacht charter vacations for learning to sail or you can arrange for instructions on a bareboat, ranging from beginners boat handling course to advanced coastal cruising.

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Why Choose The Caribbean For Holiday At All ?

Well the Caribbean has a lot going for it and that starts with its proximity to you probably. If you are reading this chances are you are from North America or Europe. And despite it being a longer flight for the later it is still a single flight away for many islands. I was surprised actually to have a quicker route to Antigua from the U.K. than one guy I met there from Los Angeles so it does depend. He had an 11 hour trek ! Jesus you can get further without so many connections and this was an extreme case. So the fact that the Caribbean is well connected is good.

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Learn to dive with PADI Caribbean

PADI stands for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. You can learn all about the largest growing diving affiliation in the world by visiting this link - if you want to see what PADI have to say on the Caribbean then follow their section here.

You most probably have heard of them as they have done an amazing job of teaching diving instructors to teach students and so on. They provide a solid platform for you to continue your scubadiving education and all the time controlling the costs to just the right level because dive instructors don't earn much - it's a lifestyle you understand. PADI have made diving affordable to the masses and no where is there a better place to learn to dive than the caribbean.

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Do you want to advertise your diving business for free where it will be seen by google ? or as a diver do you want to discover more about diving in the caribbean.

To post your diving business do one of the following 

1) You can post us articles of news with the Contact Us Form. You might want to advertise your dive shop for example. Google and the other search engines regularly look at the text in this site (YOUR TEXT) and will show it up in its result pages.

2) Add your diving business/resort to the listings section. A listing could contain enough info to give potential customers an idea of your dive operation quickly, then the entry you made can link out to your own website. It's a great proven marketing tool. tries to satisfy the following core concepts: 

 1. To bring divers and dive resorts together.

 2. To build a strong online information based community of divers interested in diving and or living in the CARIBBEAN.

It's a great experience all round learning to dive.
Back home in London you get to take it very slowly learning to scuba-dive at your nearest swimming pool. You will be taught the basics by a fully insured and qualified PADI diving instructor at your leisure. This allows you a good amount of time to get really comfortable diving in a shallow clear environment before heading for the still very clear waters of the Caribbean.

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Caribbean Cruises attract many types of traveller, some of which are recreational scuba divers. One of the advantages to cruising is obviously the diversity of regions that your floating home will visit. Some cruise diving destinations popular for scuba diving include but are not limited to Roatan Diving, Belize and Cozumel. Further destinations include the dry abc islands and Aruba Bonaire and Curacao. But you may be in the Eastern Caribbean including islands like the Bahamas or Barbados.

Cruiser in Puerto Rico

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Thinking of starting Scuba diving? - tips on what you need to know to start this great activity

Learning to scuba dive is easy and can be undertaken by anyone, young and old, who are willing and dedicated to learn and make the investment for this adventure sport. Today, training programs have made scuba diving accessible to anyone. Men, women, kids, elderly and even disabled alike have the opportunity to learn how to scuba dive.

However before you can start experiencing the excitement that scuba gives you, you will have to learn how to scuba dive through proper training. Unlike snorkeling you cannot just decide to buy or rent equipment and start to scuba dive. This is because scuba diving involves some risks therefore special training is required. Dive shops will not take you for scuba excursions unless you have proof that you have the necessary training and scuba diving certification.

So before anything else you have to first learn how to scuba through the proper training from a qualified diving instructor. However do not get overwhelmed, scuba is a safe and easy adventure sports. Basic skills can be learned in a three day course. You just need to go and enroll yourself at a scuba class.

So let us get started. Let me show you what you need to know if you want to learn how to scuba dive.

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What makes a great Dive Resort ? And what did you come here looking for ?

It mostly depends on the stage of your life your scubadiving career and your budget.
PADI an organisation who have brought scubadiving to the masses and coined the term ‘PADI DIVING’ and have enabled many people to learn fast, safely and with fun. Their founders John Cronin and Ralph Erickson from opposite end points met in the middle , middle of America and came up with the idea midway through a bottle of scotch !

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When you’re deciding what to take in your first aid kit on holiday, it’s a good idea to think about what might be required in the places you are visiting. For instance, if you are going on safari, your first aid kit might be a little different to the one that you would take on city breaks. However, there are a number of basic items that should be in every first aid kit, and that you should always make sure that you have a full supply of before you leave. Here is a handy checklist of the kind of items you might need to take:

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If you have a passion for scuba diving, then a live-aboard scuba diving experience is what you might be thinking. The live-aboard scuba diving is also an excellent opportunity for underwater photography and exploring the depths of the ocean. In addition, this is a great group adventure for you and your friends that you can look forward to. If you are new to live-aboard diving, you might require to remember certain points before you plan your adventure.

Live-aboard trips are much more than the basic canned food expeditions. They offer a luxurious platform to enjoy your stay on the boat. Live-aboard trips pamper you with great dining and other features while you plan your trip with your friends. A live-aboard trip can offer you varied diving experiences with different waters during different times of the day.

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Up until fairly recently, if you wanted to go on holiday, you would have to buy a pre-arranged package holiday from a travel agent. A package holiday is one in which many of the components of a holiday, such as transport and accommodation, are included in the total price. However, in recent years, the internet (and sites like landed)has made it possible for individuals to act as their own travel agent, booking all the components of the holiday separately on-line. While this approach can lead to cheaper holidays and more flexibility, it can be quite a lot of hassle, which goes some way to explaining why traditional travel agents, such as Thomas Cook, are still thriving on package holidays.

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A ship is always referred to as "she" because it costs so much to keep one in paint and powder.

Chester W. Nimitz

A Caribbean cruising experience is a pleasure tip of a lifetime. The turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the warm sunny beaches, the pampering treatment in the cruise ship and scenic ports of call to visit; the pleasure of a Caribbean cruise has many definitions. Caribbean cruising offers several options for travelers, so the first most important point is to choose a suitable Caribbean cruise plan.

First, you have to decide the type of Caribbean cruise you want to book. There are three types of Caribbean cruise, eastern, western and southern. The eastern and the western Caribbean are the more popular destinations although the southern Caribbean cruises are no less interesting.

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Looking for the ideal Caribbean beach vacation? Hey, I love sharing the highlights of all the places I visit and learn about. Below you’ll find my top 10 picks for a great beach pass with examples of what’s special about them. Then you can decide which one you think would be the ideal beach pass in the Caribbean for your trip!

"but all are wonderful in their own way"

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Are you interested in travelling to the Caribbean? If so, closely examine all-inclusive resorts. Of course, you have the option of booking a stay at a traditional hotel or vacation resort, but, these days, all-inclusive is the way to go.

In the Caribbean, you will find many all-inclusive resorts. For example, the island of Jamaica has at least ten. With a number of options, you may be curious as to how you can make the right decision. To do so, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself. Such as:

Who are you travelling with? Your travelling party can impact your overnight accommodations. For example, many resorts have age restrictions. These resorts, which tend to prohibit vacationers under the age of 16 and 18, are known as adult resorts. If on a family vacation, you need a resort where individuals of all ages are welcomed. If travelling with small children, opt for family resorts, such as the StarFish resorts.
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So how do you know that you have found a Luxury resort ?
– well it may look expensive and it was listed as a Luxury resort may not be enough. Trip Advisor can be of help but you have to read between the lines and really the user photos report a more truthy picture than the marketed airbrushed glossy magazine photographs do. Yes in fact do that step, it is an efficient way to guage if that star rating is accurate. Ignore the stars somewhat when looking at resorts is another key they are simply misleading.

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Stingray City : Grand Cayman – this is a must do (if your not fish squeamish) if you visit Grand Cayman. You don’t even need to be able to swim as it can be only 3 feet deep and crystal clear. You can dive it as well if you’re a scuba diver. Stingray City dive site info.

Sunday School : Tobago (see Trinidad and Tobago)
No not a school and there isn’t much religious feeling going on here. Pretty much on a Sunday the vibe on the island is all about Sunday School. Starting at 8.00pm Steel drums play and then the music goes Soca Richie Spice Jamaican Dance Hall R&B and Hip Hop. Watch the “wining” the locals dance by gyrating and putting immense pressure on their knees but its so funny to watch. It gets more fervent as the night gets on and this is definitely a place Tobagans come to pick up.

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