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Caribbean Diving

Aruba is Dushi Yiu!

If miles and miles of pristine white sand beaches meeting warm, turquoise water is your idea of paradise, then Aruba might just be heaven on earth. Located approximately 18 miles off the coast of Venezuela, in the southern Caribbean Sea, Aruba enjoys nearly year-round sunshine and average daily temperatures of 28C/86F, making it a true beach-lovers dream. In fact, with 21 named beaches (and countless unnamed and secluded spots), you can spend virtually all your time with your toes in the sand, soaking up the Aruban sun.

Aruba's Most Popular and Best Beaches

Aruba boasts the number one Caribbean beach, according to a USA Today survey of travel agents and travel writers. Eagle Beach, located in the “low rise” hotel district comprises miles and miles of white sand stretching endlessly to an impossibly blue ocean. Where sea meets sand you will find gentle surf, suitable for families with small children. Even on its busiest day, due to Eagle Beach’s immense size, the beach never feels crowded. Get there early, though, if you want to nab one of the free shade palapas, as they tend to be quickly claimed by families intent on spending the entire day frolicking in the crystalline water.


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A great diving holiday is not just the scuba diving !

Why Choose The Caribbean For Holiday At All ?

Well the Caribbean has a lot going for it and that starts with its proximity to you probably. If you are reading this chances are you are from North America or Europe. And despite it being a longer flight for the later it is still a single flight away for many islands. I was surprised actually to have a quicker route to Antigua from the U.K. than one guy I met there from Los Angeles so it does depend. He had an 11 hour trek ! Jesus you can get further without so many connections and this was an extreme case. So the fact that the Caribbean is well connected is good.

But other reasons why choose the Caribbean might be that US dollars are widely taken saving you on exchange rate loss, excellent restaurants and bars to enjoy in the evening after your day diving. Liveaboards are quite extreme and not for everyone. Most families don't all dive as it isnt for everyone so pick a destination they can enjoy as well. The Caribbean really is a great place for a vacation holiday. The availability of ALL INCLUSIVE HOLIDAYS is very high and a great way to economise for families and even couples. You get to eat and drink to your limits knowing that you already paid. It is something I rather like myself.

Each island has a unique culture but also shares caribbean cultures like carnivals or musical tastes.

Thank you Ron Caswell for the gracious use of this Cozumel Carnival Image. I met a French Canadian who raves about the scuba diving on Cozumel !

Please do not use this image without Ron's agreement via flickr.


Is the diving any good ?

roatan reef

Yes it is ! Some islands are better than others so take a look through the list of countries to check how diving there is. In general you have brilliant diversity of marine life, excellent 100ft + visibility (depending on season and island), great water temperatures and the chance to see some amazing pelagics.

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10 Highlights of The Caribbean

10 Caribbean Things not to miss before you die - lets get on with it !

1) Swimming with Dolphins
Not every island offers it but the Bahamas do pretty much the most interactive show ! Just see here.

2) The Music in Cuba
If you are anywhere in Cuba you just need to open your ears for this super easy and super cheap ! But you can get to mix with the locals in the Casa De La Musica in both the Capital Havana and Trinidad, the later you will get dragged to your feet for some lessons probably by some ex resistance fighters !

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Why make it a Caribbean diving holiday?

Caribbean Diving LionfishWelcome to the our Caribbean Diving website. We have a lot of information on each island not just for diving but also general travel information too. In this way its a good starting point in your quest to find that Caribbean Vacation. It is a balance a need to find that perfect blend between diving and family holiday. We are here to help - with expert knowledge of the culture above and below the water it's worth dropping us a line with your questions.

See if your questions have already been asked and answered in our FAQ's. 

If you manage a Dive Resort or shop in the Caribbean you should list here on our site under Dive Resorts - it won't cost you a penny and you will get valuable traffic from this website - real folk surfing the net looking to spend some quality time under the water perhaps with you. Its real easy to submit your Dive Shop just follow this guide.

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The Caribbean’s Best Diving Locations

You may not agree with all of the dive sites and destinations I decided on here and there are some places like the Tobago keys we don’t list though they are excellent locations just their remoteness makes them a difficult spot for the sport diver to get to and dive.  I want this article to just give you a starting place for you to plan a Caribbean vacation diving trip around a special dive site or island, from that pick a dive operator or resort based on your needs. But indeed anywhere there are places to get away from it all you will have a dive site nearby with schooling blue tangs or a cruising turtle and the diverse culture that will entertain you for your stay.

The Bahamas

Wreck of the Bahama Mama, New Providence, Bahamas One of the better chances to see the Caribbean Reef Sharks that make the area home. If you miss the sharks then head over to Shark Dive, Nassau (Walker's Cay) there you are pretty much guaranteed a lesser natural environment and thus much less interesting to the author. If you are in Bimini then check Victory Reef and  Sugar Wreck, Grand Bahama Island.

For Nassau Steel Forest is not one nor two but three wrecks, situated together and have some great swim throughs for the more experienced diver.

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Caribbean Fish Books and Apps

Caribbean Diving Books

Do not miss the opportunity to make your diving 1000 times more interesting by learning about the Caribbean Reef System and fishes. Mickey has spent an incredible amount of his life so far under the Caribbean Sea and has studied the ecosystem we love. You won't find a better read on the subject.

Find out more right now !

Caribbean FishesFREE English/Españole iOS (iphone ipad) Identification guide app containing 5500+ images for 1600 species of Caribbean fishes.

Download here or search in iTunes for "Fishes Greater Caribbean"

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