Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, Belize

Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, Belize

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Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, Belize
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It's been a bitof a mission to work out exactly where this is located their website doesn't really clarify where it is past me finding Glovers Reef. However I found it eventually via a map search. So we hope we have the position on the belize map right ! Google for example doesn't recognise Long Caye Glovers Reef - though Glovers Reef is found and well documented. This shouldnt matter to you - get to this part of the world and you are in for a diving treat. Not just diving either - but this is an Atol - so make sure you pick your duration of stay accordingly.

I'm here to scuba dive the best of the Caribbean ! Click here..>> follow the link and check out the wall - that will keep any tech diver happy ! dropping to 3000ft so no shovel needed !

Slickrock own the private island and have developed it with a rustic feeling in mind. Wifi is also lacking not to mention other things you may find AWESOME - "Our place is an adventure eco-resort. We have our own island, we never have more than 34 guests at a time. We don't use generators, therefore we don't have standard electricity. We are powered by the sun and wind with a little bit of propane to chill the beer. We don't have flush toilets or heated showers."

What you do get they stress is pristine reef and diving with the full service dive shop with a good collection of sports toys...with instructors for each. It goes without saying that snorkelling is awesome from the shore. Glovers reef is one of the more remote ares of a remote country - the reef is pristine as far as human damage is therefore concerned but of course coral bleaching is out of anyones control.

The diving boat rides are 10 minutes and less mostly - it's a divers paradise.

Due to the remote location, their boat only travels out there twice a week (once a week in shoulder seasons), so guests must be able to travel on these days, with the shortest package being 4 nights (3 on the island), and the most-popular package is their full week adventure tour, staying 3 nights on the island, 4 in the jungle, and one at the end in Belize City.

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