Welcome to Montserrat !

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Montserrat Flag
Montserrat had its volcano, Soufriere Hills errupt in 1995, and a neighbouring volcano Jack Boy Hill offers the best safe view of its continued grumpiness. Amazingly abandoned in 1997 the capitla Plymouth was buried deep in ash. The beaches here have silver grey sand. There was a great many Irish settlers originally and hence as its very green the island is also reffered to as the emerald isle. The Island today remains very unspoilt and is not awash with western culture casinos nor fast food etc so it can really be a place to enjoy the local cuisine. The diving is very good despite the volcanic action.

You can see and visit Montserrat from Antigua as a tour. Take a look here.

Size :approx 40 Sq miles.
Population : 4,700
Main City : Plymouth
Language : English.
Currency : XCD , East Caribbean Dollar. 1USD = 2.67 at time of publish.

Diving : With such a small population comes small pollution and the reef is very healthy. Most diving is on the west coast where the leeward conditions are clam, advanced divers can venture round the other side. Dive sites such as the horn and Inner Horn are recommended.

Vsiting Montserrat is usually by pleasure boat yachts or via Antigua.