Little Saba island a mecca for diving in the Caribbean.

With less than two thousand inhabitants, an airport that can only handle small, island-hopper planes, and a total land area of 13 square kilometers, it’s not surprising that the island of Saba is often overlooked by many divers. In fact, less than 25,000 tourists visit Saba each year. Perhaps this is why Saba has earned the nickname of “The Unspoiled Queen” of the Caribbean.


elsa saba

St Eustatius Flag
Saba Island is dominated by its potentially active volcano Scenery at a rather lowly 877 m. But funnily enough this is the highest point of the whole of the Dutch Kingdom. It's the smallest of the Dutch Antilles however. There is Elfin Forest Reserve which was set up after the mahoganies on the island were largely destroyed by a Hurricane.

Image Source CC Flicker and guenter