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Saltwater flat fishing has a thrill which is incomparable. Hooking robust and fine varieties of fishes like tarpon, bonefish, permit and snook is every fish lover’s dream come true. Fly fishers are often greeted with enthralling number of game fishes, in the warm shallow and fertile flats of Bahamas, Belize and Roatan.

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The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with its profusion of attractions, toasty climate and ravishing landscape of beach and mountain.

Vibrant culture and mouth-watering cuisine only embellish what is already stellar. But before you embark on your Caribbean holidays, it’s worth making a shortlist of what activities will most interest you.

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Did you know the following about the following Caribbean islands ?

The Caribbean islands are world famous for their remarkable beachside beauty, captivating culture and easy-going ethos. With so many stunning and unique islands distributed throughout this tropical paradise, selecting just five is almost an impossible task. We looked at five islands which we believe are the real ‘jewels of the Caribbean’ – the Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique and Grenada. Each island has an abundance of fascinating history, absorbing culture and spectacular natural beauty, and offers visitors an entirely different holiday experience from anywhere else in the world. So what makes these jewels of the Caribbean quite so extraordinary?


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For quite some time, the Caribbean has been a highly desirable tourist destination. This is thanks to a laidback lifestyle, intriguing mix of cultures, superb cuisine and, of course, year-long mild climate. However, the region is now regarded as one of the world’s best places to go scuba diving. Below the Caribbean Sea’s beautiful turquoise surface lie natural coral reefs, incredible shipwrecks and abundant marine life. As a result, holidaymakers in their droves are jumping on flights to Barbados, Puerto Rico and Bonaire in order to discover these fascinating spots and species.


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If you’re a wreck diving enthusiast, then Aruba should be on the top of your “must dive” bucket list. Ranked as one of the premier Caribbean wreck diving destinations, this small Dutch island located 15 miles off the Venezuelan coast offers 11 different wrecks suitable for varying levels of experience. In addition to wrecks, Aruba also offers some incredible wall dives and even a few sunken planes.

The Wreck of the Antilla

Ranked as the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean, the Antilla has an interesting history. Commissioned in 1939, this German cargo ship found herself in Caribbean waters off the coast of Aruba when Germany invaded Holland in 1940. When the Dutch navy attempted to board and seize the ship, the German captain ordered his crew to scuttle the Antilla. The ship sank a short time later and the German crew was promptly arrested.

Today, the Antilla lies on her port side in about 18 meters of water in Malmok Bay. The ship is so large that part of her starboard side is exposed above water, making an excellent perch for the pelicans that hunt silversides in the area. The entire wreckage is approximately 400 feet long and still largely intact, covered with tube sponge and numerous coral formations that are home to many fish, shrimp, and anemone.

When you’ve finished with the Antilla, be sure to also check out the wrecks of the Vera, the Californian, the Captain Roger, the Jane C, the Star Gerren, the Pedernalis, and the Rum Runner.

The Wall (Dive site)

If wall diving is your thing or you like to dive with green sea turtles, The Wall dive site is the place to go. You stand the best chance of spotting a turtle between May and August when they arrive to lay eggs on Aruba’s sandy shores. This site is located near the harbor entrance of Barcadera. This steep wall offers huge gorgonians and black coral, and is home to many grouper and other large fish species.

Sunken Plane Aruba

If you head over to Renaissance Island, you will find the remnants of a DC3 airplane that was intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef. The original wreckage didn’t fare so well during Hurricane Lenny in 1999 when the plane broke into three parts, with the tail section falling completely off and the cabin separating from the fuselage. However, the storm damage resulted in a great swim through opportunity, allowing divers to enter the plane from the rear and exit through the side of the cabin.

When to Go to Aruba

Water temperatures average 82-86F in the summer months (May – November) and 76-80F in the winter months (December – April)

Trade winds blow consistently nearly year-round, meaning you’ll hardly notice Aruba’s arid, desert climate.

Dive Services in Aruba

Red Sail Sports offers three full-service dive centers and nine retail locations on Aruba. Offering a full array of dive courses, Red Sail also provides daily boat diving, sailing and snorkeling on their fleet of state-of-the-art diveboats and catamarans.

If you’re looking for a dive operation dedicated exclusively to the serious scuba diver, then Mermaid Dive Center is your shop. Offering courses from all the major certifying agencies – PADI, NAUI, IDD, SSI & CMAS, Mermaid focuses on safety first while still maintaining a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Hotel pick-up and drop-off and daily boat dives are available.

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The Caribbean has long been one of the most popular destinations for seafaring vessels of all kinds. From pirates to princesses, the waters of the mysterious Caribbean islands attract all sorts to explore some of the world’s finest scenery. That’s scenery both below and below the surface.


One of the most popular activities in the Caribbean is scuba diving, but with limited time it’s hard to know which dive spots are best. For the ultimate Caribbean experience, you can book a Royal Caribbean cruise and hit the highlights by day, then retreat to the comfort of a cozy cabin by night. Here are some of the very best dive spots in the Caribbean and some great places to stop on a blissful Caribbean holiday:

surfing in barbados
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10 Caribbean Things not to miss before you die - lets get on with it !

1) Swimming with Dolphins
Not every island offers it but the Bahamas do pretty much the most interactive show! It's not just shows or tours that offer this it can be done occasionally through luck..

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Why Choose The Caribbean For Holiday At All ?

Well the Caribbean has a lot going for it and that starts with its proximity to you probably. If you are reading this chances are you are from North America or Europe. And despite it being a longer flight for the later it is still a single flight away for many islands. I was surprised actually to have a quicker route to Antigua from the U.K. than one guy I met there from Los Angeles so it does depend. He had an 11 hour trek ! Jesus you can get further without so many connections and this was an extreme case. So the fact that the Caribbean is well connected is good.

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One of the things that some people fail to realize is just how packed with history and heritage the Dominican Republic actually is. Of course, many people head to this wonderful, tropical destination to take in the glorious weather, soak up some sunshine, enjoy the pristine beaches and enjoy the laid back charm and vibrant character that can be found here. However, this is also the perfect place to come if you have a strong interest in history and culture, as you will find an abundance of both here.

The capital city if the Dominican Republic is a dream for history lovers, having been discovered back in 1496 by none other than the brother of Christopher Columbus, Bartolome Colombus. This family of intrepid travellers plays a large part in the history of the Dominican Republic, as you will see when you explore the many historical sites and attractions when you come here.

Santo Domingo, the capital city, is the oldest city in the Americas, which is why it is perfect for those that are keen to soak up some of the history and culture of this destination. You will be thrilled with the fascinating things you can learn and the fabulous sights that you will see when you come to this destination.

Some of the ways in which you can explore this fascinating city.

Competent Crew USVI
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Why not try learning to sail in the Caribbean with the competent crew course?

Have you always wished to get a bareboat certification and rent your own private yacht? Enroll in a competent crew course and learn all the expertise necessary to cruise in the Caribbean.

You can either enroll in a Caribbean crew private yacht charter vacations for learning to sail or you can arrange for instructions on a bareboat, ranging from beginners boat handling course to advanced coastal cruising.

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Learn to dive with PADI Caribbean

PADI stands for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. You can learn all about the largest growing diving affiliation in the world by visiting this link - if you want to see what PADI have to say on the Caribbean then follow their section here.

You most probably have heard of them as they have done an amazing job of teaching diving instructors to teach students and so on. They provide a solid platform for you to continue your scubadiving education and all the time controlling the costs to just the right level because dive instructors don't earn much - it's a lifestyle you understand. PADI have made diving affordable to the masses and no where is there a better place to learn to dive than the caribbean.

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Do you want to advertise your diving business for free where it will be seen by google ? or as a diver do you want to discover more about diving in the caribbean.

To post your diving business do one of the following 

1) You can post us articles of news with the Contact Us Form. You might want to advertise your dive shop for example. Google and the other search engines regularly look at the text in this site (YOUR TEXT) and will show it up in its result pages.

2) Add your diving business/resort to the listings section. A listing could contain enough info to give potential customers an idea of your dive operation quickly, then the entry you made can link out to your own website. It's a great proven marketing tool. tries to satisfy the following core concepts: 

 1. To bring divers and dive resorts together.

 2. To build a strong online information based community of divers interested in diving and or living in the CARIBBEAN.

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Hi readers we are glad to announce our group "caribbean" in www.facebook.comIf you haven't already done so visit and join up its the best example of a web2 website we have ever seen, and for good reason it attracts a lot of visitors.

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It's a great experience all round learning to dive.
Back home in London you get to take it very slowly learning to scuba-dive at your nearest swimming pool. You will be taught the basics by a fully insured and qualified PADI diving instructor at your leisure. This allows you a good amount of time to get really comfortable diving in a shallow clear environment before heading for the still very clear waters of the Caribbean.

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Caribbean Cruises attract many types of traveller, some of which are recreational scuba divers. One of the advantages to cruising is obviously the diversity of regions that your floating home will visit. Some cruise diving destinations popular for scuba diving include but are not limited to Roatan Diving, Belize and Cozumel. Further destinations include the dry abc islands and Aruba Bonaire and Curacao. But you may be in the Eastern Caribbean including islands like the Bahamas or Barbados.

Cruiser in Puerto Rico

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Caribbean Resort Search

Here are some links to help you find your ideal Caribbean Resort

Exclusive Caribbean Resorts and Reviews

Luxury Caribbean Resorts and Reviews

Caribbean Resorts and Reviews

Best Value Caribbean Resorts and Reviews

Budget Caribbean Resorts and Reviews

If you want to add your resort or hotel to the above lists then you can register and submit your resort on this website, see the top menu or try your luck with this Caribbean Resorts Submit link.

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When you think of the Caribbean, then the image is usually one of golden sands, blue seas and traditional beach front villas. Days spent lazing on the beach or by the pool, soaking up the sun. But, this is really only what you see on the television adverts. Beneath the surface is a thriving and lively cultural wonderland, where anything is possible. Did you know for instance that the Caribbean is one of the best and most popular dive locations in the world?

Scuba diving is an immensely popular sport come pastime and very easy to get into. You don`t even have to have your own gear as a good give school or dive ship can provide you with everything you need for a small fee. To be honest diving is one of the most uplifting and amazing experiences you will probably have. You will actually be immersing yourself in nature with life swimming all around you.

Of course there is a safety aspect to all of this and therefore when diving in the Caribbean you should be looking for PADI qualified instructors and Schools. PADI is the worldwide recognised Professional Association of Dive Instructors and sets minimum standards both in proficiency and experience. All qualified instructors have to pass tough tests in a variety of conditions to teach anyone. You will undergo basic instructions, including safety procedures, have to pass a test and then be assigned to a dive instructor who will stay with you whilst you dive. It is imperative that you pay attention here as it could save your life. The instructors will take no nonsense in the water either, so if you mess around you will be shouted at or not allowed to dive at all.

Once you have had you initial safety instruction, your captain will take you out to some of the most fantastic diving waters in the world. The Turks and Caicos Islands in particular have a superb reputation in the dive community for how prolific their waters are. The divers also contribute to conservation programs for the sharks in the area. You will find a lot of dive instructors here from the UK plying their trade.

For something different, especially if you are more experienced, then you could try cruise diving, or a live aboard dive trip. This are very popular in the Caribbean and involve days or even a whole week, living on board a dive ship with other divers and travelling around the reefs and the waters to get the whole range of diving experiences. They are an acquired taste, but they are unbeatable for seeing the area and for forging comradeship and friendship.

So the Caribbean can really be something different to the normal holiday photos you see. You can explore the real underwater world of the Caribbean and marvel at how amazing it is. It is so easy to get there in style as well. A cheap cruise Caribbean style can get you there in luxury without breaking the bank, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the diving in its wonderful waters.

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Thinking of starting Scuba diving? - tips on what you need to know to start this great activity

Learning to scuba dive is easy and can be undertaken by anyone, young and old, who are willing and dedicated to learn and make the investment for this adventure sport. Today, training programs have made scuba diving accessible to anyone. Men, women, kids, elderly and even disabled alike have the opportunity to learn how to scuba dive.

However before you can start experiencing the excitement that scuba gives you, you will have to learn how to scuba dive through proper training. Unlike snorkeling you cannot just decide to buy or rent equipment and start to scuba dive. This is because scuba diving involves some risks therefore special training is required. Dive shops will not take you for scuba excursions unless you have proof that you have the necessary training and scuba diving certification.

So before anything else you have to first learn how to scuba through the proper training from a qualified diving instructor. However do not get overwhelmed, scuba is a safe and easy adventure sports. Basic skills can be learned in a three day course. You just need to go and enroll yourself at a scuba class.

So let us get started. Let me show you what you need to know if you want to learn how to scuba dive.

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The lion fish is not a fish from the Caribbean. It is from the Pacific. Nobody knows why or how it arrived to this place but it is eating everything and it has no natural predators to keep the balance... So the number of lion fishes is increasing scaring everyone.... For now, it is allowed to kill every lion fish that is seen around... Grand Turk - January 2009 Estela Bertola Miranda a.k.a. Edelle