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Top reasons to visit Jamaica

With so many different destinations to visit all around the world, it can be difficult to make a decision with regards to where to head for the vacation of a lifetime. Jamaica is one of many wonderful and exciting destinations that you can choose from all around the world, so why opt for this destination over and above the others.

Well, Jamaica is a place that has so much to offer that there are countless reasons why you should consider this as your destination of choice for a really fabulous and memorable vacation. You will find something to suit everyone in Jamaica, so whether you are looking for a vacation filled with adventure and exploration or whether you want to simply kick back and chill out in wonderful surroundings, this is a place you are certain to love.

Everyone who visits Jamaica will develop their own personal reasons for loving this destination, but some of the key reasons why you should think about coming to Jamaica for a wonderful holiday experience include:

* The fascinating history of the area: When you come to Jamaica you will be able to enjoy exploring the fascinating history of the area, which is reflected in many different ways. You will find plenty of place of interest and fascinating areas that will help you to delve into the past and learn more about this destination

* The vibrant culture: Jamaica is a place that boasts a vibrant culture, which you can immerse yourself in with ease simply by being there. You can visit during times of festivities to get a real taste of the culture and you can also enjoy experiencing the laid back way of life in the different parts of Jamaica

* The beautiful surroundings: Whilst your surroundings can vary based on which part of Jamaica you visit, you can look forward to taking in beautiful scenery and surroundings when you come here, from lush greenery to pristine beaches and azure waters

* The atmosphere: When you visit Jamaica you will find yourself in a place that boasts a really welcoming atmosphere and a chilled out, relaxed ambiance, making it the ideal place for a really relaxing and enjoyable vacation experience

* Plenty to do: When you come to Jamaica you can do as little or as much as you like. If you want to combine relaxing at your resort or the beach

with some activity and adventure, you will find plenty of attractions not to mention some great recreational opportunities to keep you busy

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If you are planning a vacation to wonderful Jamaica, the chances are that you are looking for a chilled out, relaxing vacation where you can soak up plenty of culture, enjoy learning more about a fascinating destination, and take in the stunning scenery and Caribbean vibe. A vacation to Jamaica will definitely be a vacation to remember and if you are heading out there you will want to take steps to ensure that it is as relaxing and stress free as possible so that you can really enjoy your time in this fascinating place.

One of the ways in which you can add to the relaxation and luxury that you can enjoy whilst in Jamaica is to opt for an all inclusive option, where you pay for your holiday and have all of your food and refreshment included. This is a particularly good option for families, as you could end up saving money on the cost of your Jamaica vacation in the long run even though you may pay more for the vacation upfront.

You will find a variety of hotels and resorts in Jamaica that offer the opportunity to enjoy an all inclusive vacation, which mean that you will never have to worry about carrying around cash for food, drinks and even entertainment in some cases. With an all inclusive Jamaica vacation, your meals, snacks and all drinks are included, so you and your partner or family can enjoy sampling a variety of delicious cuisine as well as drinks, including alcoholic drinks, throughout your time in the Caribbean haven.

Of course, the less time you have to spend worrying about when to eat, where to eat and what to eat, the more time you will have to enjoy the destination, so this is an added benefit on top of the ease and convenience that comes with going all inclusive. As long as you are within the resort, you can kick back, relax and have everything you need on hand without having to worry about scrabbling about for cash or cards and without wondering whether you can afford to enjoy that fabulous chilled cocktail or a delicious meal.

The great news is that you can get some really good deals on all inclusive vacations to Jamaica, so you will probably pay far less than you imagined for the convenience, ease and luxury of having all of your meals, snacks and drinks paid for in advance.

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Caribbean Nightlife Drugs and TV

In Jamaica it seems some guys are trying to smuggle marijuana back onto their cruise ships ! I saw this program tonight that was called Caribbean Cops. It was a great tv show. Negril the main resort on Jamaica is a massive pull for tourists and the dealers. The dealers are comming in on kayaks avoiding the boats that patrol becase the reef is too shallow but the bigger fact is they are tiped off. So this guy gets caught as the cops check you getting back on. Now I never imagined this part of cruising but...this guy had some marijuana on him and was saying he got it just outside thinking it was just tobacco.

The cop got him fair and square though the guy probably just wanted to smoke it himself he was not being smart. His wife a large lady was allowed to get back on the ship. She didn't take it well and I think her best move was getting back on, it looked like the guy was going to get arrested. In the end the cop was very very lenient on him and let him go with a warning. He was probably the exception he could have missed his cruise holiday and ended up in a Jamaican prison on the side. I don't think they are very nice the prisons that is as the suspect had his head in his hands he was probably imagining it.
In Negril the nightlife was quite wild and if your young and hedonistic then check it out but just take care and enjoy at the right level. Don't let your brain depart completely. There is the juice guy boat that is kind of a bar on a shallow boat bringing drinks to the sun worshippers. I wish I could go there. Some of the best nightlife in the Caribbean.

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Jamaica ReviewsYou will find some of the best Caribbean Resorts in Jamaica particularly Montego Bay with some of its all inclusive options. Of a similar medium size (as goes for Caribbean Islands) to Puerto Rico. Jamaica is known for producing fast men and women - Usain Bolt currently the fastest man on earth ! But what else does Jamaica mean to the Traveller. Jamaican Night-life is some of the best, you will see some impossible knee busting grooving going on. Negril at sunset is a great experience being very popular. Also being quite mountainous don't miss the views from Blue Mountain 7402ft high. Don't miss Kingston which IS the countries cultural centre and try to visit Hellshire beach on a Sunday the party is here at the week ends too. Unwind in the calmer less developed South Coast The epicentre is Treasure Beach and enquire about a visit to Floyd's Pelican Bar a stilt walking bar in the sea.

Size: 146 miles by 51miles.
Population : 2,731,832
MainCity : Montego Bay for Tourism but the culutral and capital is Kingston !
Time Zone : GMT -5
Currency Jamaican Dollar (J$) 1USD =88.5 J$