British Virgin Islands

The BVI's were unfortunately hit hard by the hurricanes of 2017 and you should check up here to see how the island is coping.

Welcome to the British Virgin Islands :)

With over 60 islands and islets the BVI's are not short of beaches and this is sailing mecca due to the trade winds and calm seas.

Mainly enjoyed by Sailors, windsurfers and divers and of course the residents you find a great community of expats providing sailng services diving resorts and all kinds of businesses. You might look at property here as your place in the sun !

british virgin islands
The British Virgin Islands (aka BVI's) 
are a collection of 60 Islands in the North East part of the Caribbean. There are some of the best resorts of all the Caribbean Resorts in the BVI's. Non commercialised and safe they are best known for sailing windsurfing and scubadiving.The two main Islands Tortola and Virgin Gorda have lush wooded peaks terminating in perfect white sandy beaches. In true contrasting character Anegada is an Atoll with fantastic reefs and beaches.
It is best known for sailing, some say the worlds best due to the ability to learn the winds and calmness of the oceans.

Part of the fun is island hopping here and easily achieved. It's probably best done on a sail-boat. On and off shore there are 20 national parks looking after many species such as the Anegada Rock Iguana.

The accommodations vary with excellent restaurants the BVI's should be considered your Caribbean Island of or Islands of choice. Don't miss the Baths on Virgin Gorda - volcanic formations of grottoes rock pools caves and deserted beaches.

Watch this aerial shorts video to get an idea of the stunning beauty which is hard to put into words. 

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The British Virgin Islands are a wonderful set of 60 islands in the Caribbean offering everything from diving to history. The BVI's are both family friendly and romantic, which makes it great for everyone. There are a variety of perfect conditions for the sportsman in you perhaps the best known of which is sailing but they are also popular for scuba diving.

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Dive the wreck of RMS Rhone pictured below and featured in RMS Rhone Video 1 and RMS Rhone Video 2

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The British Virgin Islands are a band of some 60 islands, and one of the most popular places to visit in the Caribbean.