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Welcome to the Island Nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua & Barbuda FlagA very British of islands Antigua , now an independent nation it was for a long time a British Colony evidence of which can be seen in the architecture in the capital St Johns and in the historic naval harbours on the south coast and in attractions such as Betty's Hope. Betty's Hope one of many sugar mills and plantations where slaves were brought from Africa to work. The sugar trade was vital for nations at the time who wanted to remain with power.

Actual Anchor in Nelsons Dockyard

When it comes to postcard-perfect beaches waiting for you to create your perfect island memories, Antigua delivers. Soft white sand meets azure water as far as the eye can see. Celebrities and mere mortals from all over the world flock to Antigua for a chance to enjoy this tropical paradise on earth. But before you head to this upscale island paradise, make sure you know how to properly pronounce it. Forget the “u”….people in the know just say “Ann-tee-ga.”

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Devils Bridge Antigua

When to visit Antigua ?

A bit more on when to visit Antigua: A busy month is August as its peak for the British families who come over and stay in the Resorts and Jolly Harbour complex of condos and villas. A lot of the villa owners stay these months (that are not that popular with the Canadians and Americans) in their own places as it is a long school holiday. For the North Americans they start to arrive around Christmas and this goes through to the regata in April when the season starts to get a bit hotter and wetter and leads towards the huricane season.

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Well it is ! The black tip reef shark can be seen here. She didn't hang around for long and the vis was a bit average which is normal this time of year.

On this same dive site called double dip there has been a tiger shark spotted by Donald - as you can see he was rightly very excited !

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Trunk Fish Antigua

I feel the need to repaint a different picture at least for what exists currently (online anyway) of Diving in Antigua. I am yet to visit and dive Barbuda - a smaller less visited island. This article will focus on the bigger more developed main island - ANTIGUA ! It may be that diving is very different in Barbuda and harder to plugin and play indeed there are no dive operators on Barbuda..

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Ask your dive operator about the following noted dive sites. Sometimes to keep diving affordable some dive sites are not often visited - be firm if you really want to visit a particular site with any dive operator on any island but please take into account the extra effort to reach the sites. They might have a different price for some sites to cover the extra diesel. Hard core divers will situate themselves in a specific dive resort for this reason. There are no specific dive resorts on Antigua, however Sandals do go diving for their guests but it isn't included in the all inclusive.

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For Cruise Ship Tours See Here

Take a canopy tour from the port of St Johns and have a grand antigua adventure click here for this canopy tour on best antigua. You will get expert guides and full safety equipment and get schooled in its simple use. Ropes and treetop walks await you and a series of interconnected ziplines make sure this is the high fun tour for the family. With a departure from St Johns that is listed on the voucher it is convenient for you. This is about 67 USD at last check. It departs at 9am and is designed with most people in mind. People with back problems are not to take this tour along with pregnant women.

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jumby bay beach

Jumby Bay

28 million dollars by Miami-based IDC has been spent on refitting so the time is now to get luxury in the Caribbean. You get the regular options for room types and also uncommonly vacation rentals. Suite types include Beachside Courtyard, Ocean View Pool and Rosewood Estate Suites all with great access and views of the sea and beach.
Suites with 4 poster beds and garden showers and the styling is Spanish Colonial. There is also a pool suite.  The Spa with ocean view and feeling offers treatments and massages with the scent of flowers and the ocean.
Things you can do include tennis, croquet or cycle round the island or visit the nearby islands.

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wahoo in the food box

It can be hard to organise a days fishing in Antigua when you are already there AND pay a reasonable amount. The difficulty arrises because there needs to be a matching group of fishermen from different resorts on holiday at the same time as you. Thankfully a website handily named has this as one of its goals and in the event there are not enough people you can find the list of boats for hire (tackle included + beer) so recommended is a look at Antigua Fish.

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Antigua & Barbuda Info

Size : Antigua 108 sq miles : Barbuda 62 sq miles.
Population : Antigua 80,000 : Barbuda 1,200.
Main City : Antigua :St Johns : Barbuda Codrington.
Language : English
Currency :East Caribbean Dollar (at time of publish 1 US Dollar = 2.72000 East Caribbean Dollar)

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