Anguilla Island

Anguilla was unfortunately hit hard by the hurricanes of 2017 and you should check up here to see how the island is coping.

Welcome to the island of Anguilla!

Anguilla FlagAnguilla is 15 minutes by ferry from French St Maarten, or maybe qualifying for the worlds shortest flight 4 minutes ! It has an 18 hole PGA standard golf course at Temenos Golf Club that has been designed by Greg Norman.
Anguilla is a place to escape the brash developments that can exist in the Caribbean (so no casinos) and its for the individual who likes luxury and pampering. This is perhaps why it is attracting celebs alike so they can escape their public lives. Anguilla has over 100 restaurants considering its size is a healthy amount of choice. Make sure to check out Johnnos on Sunday for the live Jazz music right on the beach fun for everyone and a great place to meet Anguillans.

Shopping in Anguilla is limited and there are no Duty Free stores however you can find things to buy in hotels and resorts. If you are looking for Duty Free then take a shopping trip to neighbouring St Martin or if you are interested in high end fashion then go to St Barths. You might fancy celeb spotting in St Barths but indeed some are coming for the calm of Anguilla and the quality of Resort and Restaurant service! In recent years Anguilla has been increasing its status in the restaurant dare we say it steaks !

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In the 1980’s Anguilla’s government decided to limit the development to upscale resorts and small hotels. There are no Casinos to this day and no Cruise Ships or shopping malls. In this way Anguilla can say that it has retained its Caribbean–ness.

For this shrewd decision making Anguilla now has one of the larger concentrations of Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean. Such as the Viceroy, Malliouhana Hotel & Spa or Cap Juluca. Another class of place to stay in Anguilla is the super Villa.

Scuba Diving Anguilla
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There are many sunken wrecks and underwater parks that attract schools of fish around Anguilla. Check them all out by scuba diving in one of the seven marine parks that Anguilla offers: Little Bay, a calm, sheltered site suitable for training and night dives; Prickly Pear, a beautiful canyon characterised by ledges and caverns, where nurse sharks can be seen; Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System; Stoney Bay; Dog Island; Seal Island Reef System and Sandy Island

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In this section of the website we talk about the things to do in Anguilla. What it is known for and what to see.
The following activities are available in Anguilla most of the year but do check for seasonal lows.

anguilla beaches
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Anguilla has 33 beaches all open to the public but some of them can only be accessed by walking via hotels. There are a great variety of these beaches so decide which suits for your mood. Bars and restaurants dorn some like the 2 mile long Shoal Bay East.You really can't go wrong anywhere on Anguilla. You can swim go windsurfing or find a wild shore to explore, you can find a suitable beach on any part of the island for what you are looking for. Anguilla is a welcoming destination and exploring the beaches via Kayak should be viewed as a wonderful way to keep fit and detox from the work life.

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Here are some of the more noteworthy dive sites for Anguilla for you to explore when you get there.

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The island of Anguilla

The Caribbean is a supremely popular tourist destination, which is not surprising considering the beautiful waters and the fantastic island paradises on offer in the area. Whilst countries such as Cuba boast deep cultural and political significance, many other islands offer more traditional forms of tourism. Indeed, the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Saint Lucia and the Dominican Republic are among the finest tourist destinations in the world, with each boasting superb weather, scenery and entertainment. Furthermore, the island of Anguilla, which is a British overseas territory located in the Northern Caribbean, is a popular and beautiful spot for tourists.