Haiti was unfortunately hit hard by the hurricanes of 2017 (a very unlucky country :( ) and you should check up here to see how the island is coping.

Help us get back on our feet, let us show you the fortitude and love from the people of Haiti.

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Haiti Flag

It is currently still not recommended to travel to Haiti due to health concerns. Please visit the oxfam site for Haiti.

Sharing the rest of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic Haiti is for the adventurous tourist. It is a mountainous country with an unspoilt feel. Indeed tourism isn't well developed and it is shedding the skin that it is the poorest and most dangerous country in the Caribbean as this is hard to see today.It does have national parks like Parc Macaya and Parc la Visite. You will love this country if you like challenging hikes. The best sight and most interesting has to be the castle Henri Christophe a world heritage site. This is the largest fortification / citadel in the Caribbean ! All the more spectacular due to its perch on top of a 3000ft peak close to milot. The history doesnt stop there with the capital Port au Prince museums galleries and historic monuments. The Iron Market built in 1889, St Trinity Episcopal Cathedral for its biblical murals. Dont miss the Musee d'Art Haitien. It has its fair share of beaches too secluded if you need, perhaps visit in February for the annual carnival one of the yearly highlights.

Size : 10,714 square miles.
Population : 8,300,000
Main City : Port au Prince
Language : French, Creole (Offical languages) and English / Spanish widely spoken.
Currency : Haiti Gourdes, 1 dollar being about .7 euros at time of going to press.

Diving : Somewhat unknown due to it having 1,500km of coastline and the country having troubled tourism record. Please contact us if you have something of interest so we can help spread the word. Divng is from the major resort hotels so this also limits it.
Here is a useful thread http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/greater-caribbean-bermuda/217033-hows-diving-haiti.html

If you have a dive shop or resort please add it to this website using the links on the right

Lonely Planet on Haiti

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Yesterday Haiti was subjected to a 7 point Earthquake yesterday. The poverty in Haiti means that they will really struggle to cope with immediate medical care and certainly rebuilding. Please visit any of the links posted in the BBC link above.
My thoughts go out to the individuals currently in this hell like situation.

Country Haiti
City / Town / Village Port au Prince
Latitude 18.539269
Longitude -72.336408