Dominican Republic

Enjoy some scuba-diving in the Dominican Republic.

A breaching humpback whale

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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, commercial whaling threatened to eradicate the humpback whale population, and the species became one of the first to be protected by the Endangered Species Conservation Act in 1970. Commercial whaling became prohibited in 1985, with some populations of humpback whale already reduced by more than 95%, according to NOAA Fisheries, who have worked worldwide to protect the species.

Thanks to the work of institutions like NOAA Fisheries, the conservation status of the humpback whale is now listed as being of ‘least concern’, with the population steadily increasing. The species can now be sighted all over the world, including at Silver Bank just north of the Dominican Republic.

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Dominican Republic Flag
The Dominican Republic
has a long established tourist infrastructure attracting over 2 million tourists per year through seven international airports !
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Catedral de Santa Maria la Menor
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Things to do for families in the Dominican Republic Guide

Going to the Dominican Republic is great for singles, couples and even groups of friends, as this is the perfect tropical paradise in which to kick back and relax, chill out on the beach to soak up some sunshine, relax by the pool with a cocktail and a drink, or enjoy a huge variety of recreational opportunities from outdoor activities and water activities to shopping, nightlife and more.

Punta Cana International Airport
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No matter which part of the world you are flying from, if you are heading to the Dominican Republic on vacation the chances are that you will be looking for a great deal on the cost of your vacation including cheap airfare to the Dominican Republic. But often you will be going all inclusive as this is one of the islands best value all inclusive places.

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For many couples who get married, choosing the perfect honeymoon destination is an important part of the whole wedding period. Most couples want to head to a place that offers everything they could possibly need for the perfect honeymoon, from sizzling sunshine and natural beauty to romantic ambiance, luxurious resorts, diverse activities and plenty of excellent photo opportunities for the wedding and honeymoon album!

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The Dominican Republic is one of a range of places where travellers can enjoy an all inclusive stay, which can cut out a lot of the stress and hassle involved with sorting out finances when on vacation. If you are heading to somewhere as exotic, beautiful and relaxing as the Dominican Republic, the last thing you are going to want to do is stress about how much you are going to have to pay for every drink or everything you eat.

The Monumento de Fray Antón de Montesinos in Santo Domingo
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The Dominican Republic has become a huge hit with tourists from all around the world over the years. This is a beautiful destination bathed in tropical sunshine, boasting pristine beaches, azure waters, and a host of attractions to suit everyone. Home to the oldest city in the Americas, Santo Domingo, which was discovered by the brother of Christopher Columbus, the Dominican Republic is also bursting with history and culture.

Seven Brothers Cays

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Dominican Republic Diving Locations

The Dominican Republic’s underwater world offers exceptional reef diving and snorkelling, incredible clear water and a variety of colourful marine life. In fact the country is often listed as one of the top diving locations in the Caribbean. Visitors can explore centuries old shipwrecks on the countries north coast , or take advantage of the warm , protected waters of the south. While the Dominican Republic is a haven for experienced divers most all inclusive hotels offer lessons and certification for those interested in learning more about the act. The average water temperature is between 25-29 degrees c or 76-82 degrees faranheight.