Bonaire Island

One of the ABC's Bonaire is B of course and differes greatly from its neighbours Aruba and Curacao. Bonaire is very highly rated for diving and a lot of the dives are shore dives. This means that you are as likely to be travelling to your dive site by pickup truck and this means that the island has a drive in filling station ! No other place on earth can boast this service. Maybe you can get your tires done at the same time !

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Bonaire, a tiny island located below the hurricane belt in the southern Caribbean, enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the shore diving capital of the world. In fact, the license plates of this special Dutch municipality proudly proclaim Bonaire as Diver’s Paradise and with good reason.

With miles and miles of accessible shoreline and a fringing coral reef that circles the entire island, scuba divers visiting Bonaire enjoy an independence and freedom not found in most dive destinations. In fact, divers can enjoy more than 60 marked dive sites without ever stepping foot on a dive boat. The only things required to take full advantage of Bonaire’s world-class shore diving are a rental truck, a good pair of hard-soled dive booties and an adventurous spirit.

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Bonaire Flag
The flag shown above is the dutch Antilles flag. This is the Bonaire flag below.

Bonaire is the B in the ABC's the Dutch Antillies and doesn't have the tourist pull of its smaller neighbour Aruba ! That's a tip :) Its really for the divers here Aruba seeing many other regular tourists. You can kayak through the mangroves or learn to windsurf (5 times declared the best place to learn in the world), Sorobon beach a 1 metre deep bay with onshore winds. Interestingly KLM allow an easy link up with Ecuador and Peru for a 2 centre holiday.

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If you want to get to the shops and into the surf scene fast then head for ‘lac’. Lac bay has shallows and guaranteed wind which make it the prime spot located on bonaire’s east coast. In Lac you can find places to rent gear or take a windsurfing course. It’s not the easiest thing to pick up but very rewarding and you can take your skills almost anywhere else but be warned you won’t find better conditions for general windsurfing. For the more advanced go out further for bigger winds and waves and just an amazing time. You will be asking yourself how can I stay here.

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