Bonaire's Two Best Resorts- Do It The Dutch Way

Bonaire's Two Best Resorts- Do It The Dutch Way

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Bonaire's Two Best Resorts- Do It The Dutch Way

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Bonaire is a luxury Dutch Caribbean island with excellent resorts with top-notch service, amenities, and some of the best diving you could ask for.

The island of Bonaire might no longer be known as the Netherland Antillies, and now known as the Lesser Antillies--one thing's for certain, it's out of the "Hurricane Belt"; making it one of the best places in the Caribbean 365 days out of the year. Especially if you're lucky enough to spend any of those days at one of these top two resorts.

Harbour Village Beach Club

Harbour Village Beach Club First, you've got a choice of whether you want to stay in either one of the 40 Courtyard, Marina, or or Oceanfront rooms. Either way, you're treated to luxury accommodations (they're a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World) with not only a private beach; but also snorkeling, SCUBADIVING, tennis, kayaking, and sun fishing. And if you're willing to venture a bit you can add Big Game Fishing, windsurfing, waterskiing, horseback riding, and biking to the list of activities.

Did I even mention yet that the Harbour Village Beach Club is located near the Washington National Park, the Salt Flats, and Gotomeer Lake? You could also choose to do absolutely nothing but lounge around on one of the beachside hammocks. Now that's a straight up luxury. To relax even further, the Harbour Village Beach Club has its own spa--so get a massage while you can. All this doing everything and/or nothing can make you hungry; and as luxurious as the hotel's rooms are, eating is just as wonderful an experience. Even better that the La Balanda (serves International cuisine) will even do a beachside candlelight dinner for you and your sweetie. Prefer indoors? Patagonia (an Argentinian steakhouse) has an air-conditioned dining room, as well as al fresco dining too. All this comes at a price, a Courtyard Room can set you back around $275 a night; a 2-bedroom Beachfront around $500; and the ultra-posh Premier Suite around $650 a night. Heck, the 80F water of the Caribbean is well worth it, don't ya think?

Plaza Resort Bonaire

Plaza Resort Bonaire While not as super-luxurious as the Harbour Village, the Plaza Resort is one of Bonaire's top resorts.
For starters, its standard rooms start out as Junior Suites (that start around $277 a night). But, I know that's not entirely it. Maybe it's because all its rooms, have either a balcony or patio (they're the only place you can smoke, btw) with either a laguna or oceanfront view. No, not it either. Perhaps it's the 1-bedroom suites that have their own kitchen. Sounds better already.

I know, it's the combination of what else you'll find at the Plaza Resort--including an exceptional spa, shore diving (24-hours a day, 7 days a week), SCUBA rental (ask them about their dive packages), guided night dives, 4 tennis courts, snorkeling, kayaking, wakeboarding, and childcare for when you wanna leave the little demons (I mean, those precious children) ashore. What's even beter is the Plaza Resort really does take kids into consideration.
They offer plenty of kids activities, like their AquaKids program (ages 5-12) that'll take 'em snorkeling, and even offer SCUBA lessons for them.

While they're doing that you can hit up the Coconut Crash Beach Bar where you can get coffee or a cocktail (awesome, 2 Happy Hours). For a romantic candlelight dinner, the Tipsy Seagull can help--your choice if you want seafood, vegetarian, or a meaty dish. When hunger really strikes, the buffet breakfast at the Banana Tree really comes through. They don't limit themselves to only a morning meal, come lunch or dinner they serve up delicious Caribbean and International cuisine. The theme nights make it really fun in addition to being totally yummy. All that's left to do to totally enjoy one of Bonaire's top resorts is treating yourself to one of the Beverly Spa's services. Heck, any place with a facial this close is a top resort in my book. Whether you're looking for a family-friendly or childless romantic getaway, Bonaire's got something for everyone. And if you're gonna treat yourself, best to do it at one of the island's top resorts.

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