Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Resort

Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Resort

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Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Resort

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A sophisticated and fascinating destination bound to grant you an experience of a lifetime.

Seated on Bermuda’s South Shore with a wide stretch of pink sandy beaches, the highly luxurious Fairmont Southampton Beach Resort is lodged on a massive 100 acres surrounded by lush green vegetation, bougainvillea and beautifully grown coconut palms. Seeing its location is just a mere two hours or less flight from most east coast gateways, the Fairmont Southampton Beach Resort is ideal for vacations, private and personal getaways, meetings or general events. Fairmont Southampton Beach Resort is located at the spot where you are bound to get the most Caribbean views from the Caribbean Sea to the vast geographical features of the wonderful Island. Richly made with personal walk-in closets, marble bathroom designs, private balconies among other fascinating features not applicable to many other destinations.

The room service offered by the best trained professionals would guarantee a genuine dream come through and a peaceful relaxation. If any at all you so desire to leave the peaceful abode of your suite, why not visit one of the best dining areas on the entire Island, the Fairmont Southampton Beach Resort restaurants. They serve a fabulous delight of the Caribbean’s best cuisine among a serving of other international cuisines. Your appetite is bound to be tickled and satisfied. You can also get a serving of the best snack and drink kinds from the mini food outlets and bars. You are in for nothing but the best.

While you relax in the ambiance of a cool refreshing safe-haven paradise in the Caribbean, you are free to take a shot at some of the best vacation activities the resort offers. Whether you like water-based activities or the general dry sporting events, there are plenty servings of fun and non-stop excitement. Scuba diving, snorkeling, pool-based activities, tennis, volleyball, jet skiing or any other loved activities. Come for a kid’s adventure, adult getaway (personal or friends) or a business venture and experience a friendly yet sophisticated environment.

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