Land Shark Divers Hotel Nassau Bahamas

Land Shark Divers Hotel Nassau Bahamas

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  • We are a group of divers who have been traveling the Caribbean for over 30 years.
  • We saw the need for a true diver's hotel in Nassau. We have incorporated the best ideas that we could into this facility to make it as "DIVER FRIENDLY" as possible.
  • There are outside rinse facilities and drying areas as well as storage lockers (bring your own lock) in front of each unit.
  • We are the only hotel on the island that has a dive facility on premises with tanks for shore diving.
  • Our swimming pool is less than 6 feet from our tank room. You are welcome to use the pool to fine-tune skills, check your weighting, or set up your camera.
  • Our seasonal Marine Education program for children is designed to teach them about your special world while you are away diving or shopping. The program includes snorkel and SASY classroom and pool, fish ID, reef ecology, marine crafts, and more!
  • We offer afternoon Scuba, family snorkeling, SASY, and Ocean Kayak trips.
  • For the majority of the year we are a family oriented operation. During special periods we cater to singles and couples. There are also special "college break" periods with themes for college students and sorority/fraternity groups. Whether it be a family period or a special week, we offer a full program of activities for non-divers

    Land Shark Divers Hotel is located on West Bay St. Approximately 1 mile west of Cable Beach

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