Luxury Hotel & Spa in beautiful Barbados

Luxury Hotel & Spa in beautiful Barbados

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Luxury Hotel & Spa in beautiful Barbados

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Accra Beach Hotel & Spa - Barbados

With an excellent location just 20 minutes from the airport, 15 from Bridgetown this Hotel & Spa has everything to enjoy the beach, relax and get to know everything in Barbados.

Guests can choose to enjoy dinner in their own room, have a snack at the Fig Free, drinks at the Sand Bar or international dinner at Coco Patch restaurant.

Choices of accommodation include two bedrooms luxurious suites with personal Jacuzzis, ocean view penthouses and lavish-state rooms.

For a relaxing experience, the skill experts of the Chakra spa and if guests need a place for their business meetings, Accra Beach Hotel provides four meeting rooms with videoconferencing equipment and internet connection, but they are also a breathtaking setting for a reception or wedding.



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