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Mamacitas guest house

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Culebra Guesthouse

Following a relaxing day at Flamenco beach, you want to kick-off your flip flops and relax in one of our picturesque Culebra rooms. All guest house rooms are modern with a tasteful Caribbean appeal that you will find inviting and cozy. With sand in between your toes and bronzed tan, our award winning guest house rooms are the perfect place to relax and get a good nights rest before doing it all over again the following day. You will be greeted with spacious guest house rooms that will soon become your home away from home. Pillow top mattresses and quilted blankets welcome you after beach bumming around Culebra island.

Clean spacious showers with both hot and cold water will wash away the saltwater and put your mind and body at ease; ready for a comfortable nights sleep. Vanity mirrors in each guest house room feature electrical outlets for all of your beauty supplies and equipment. After freshening up, enjoy the soothing Culebra sea breeze and sea views while relaxing on handcrafted lounge chairs from your balcony. After winding down, hunger sets in; so either head down to Mamacita's Guesthouse Restaurant and lounge to savor freshly caught seafood or a hearty steak; or head out to local area Culebra restaurants all within walking distance from your accommodations. After a nourishing meal, walk back to your room where you'll find an appealing climate with air conditioning, pillow top mattresses and quilted blankets. Not quite ready to wind down for the day, all guest house rooms are equipped with cable television and DVD players to keep you entertaine. If you're a gamer, our televisions are console ready with jacks to support most modern gaming systems.

"After winding down, hunger sets in; head out to local area Culebra restaurants to savor freshly caught seafood or a hearty steak; all within walking distance from your accomodations."

Additional guests will find our comfy designer quality futons apt for a restful night of sleep. Soundproof windows in all guest house rooms ensure all exterior noise is eliminated providing ultimate privacy. If you're arriving by boat, on site dock space is available to our guests. Mamacitas Guesthouse Rooms are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis by our housekeeping staff and fresh linen and towels are provided daily. Those with physical disabilities will find our handicapped rooms both comfortable and easily accessible. Our amenities at Mamacitas Guesthouse are the perfect compliment to Culebra's charming ambience and ensure your stay in Culebra is memorable and hassle free.

People visit the Puerto Rico Island of Culebra (popularly known as the Isla de Culebra) to enjoy the many beautiful beaches and appealing climate; therefore, the majority of guests use their Inn accommodations only for sleeping. They spend most of their time participating in the many Isla de Culebra and Mamacita's adventures.

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