Meliá Buenavista Hotel

Meliá Buenavista Hotel

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Meliá Buenavista Hotel

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Your stay at the Meliá Buenavista a memorable and unique vacation period…there is never a dull moment.

Relaxing in a fascinating and luxurious style will be your treat at the Meliá Buenavista. It is truly a paradise setting on earth when you get to experience some of nature’s best attributes where your comfort and pleasure is placed at a definite number one priority. Total privacy is a guarantee especially while the hotel’s professional team works at their utmost best to making your visit memorable. The Meliá Buenavista is a five star hotel designed for adults 18 and over who desire to have a private getaway to soothe their fantasy. It is ideally recommended for couples whether already married, those getting married or honeymoon purposes. The hotel is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea with three fabulous beaches also surrounding it. They boast a wide range of master and junior suites giving you the freedom of choice for your own comfort.

With numerous fine dining restaurants and lounge, your appetite will certainly be pleasured and fulfilled. Their abundance of qualified and trained chefs have a vast knowledge in preparing the most desired meals of all time in an efficient yet professional manner. Or better yet, if you wish to just sit by the bar and get a cool serenade of music flow through your mind is entirely up to your liking. They make the environment both enticing and welcoming. While you sip on your drink servings or munch on a snack from the mini food outlets (in the bar or restaurants) you can go for a romantic walk through the densely vegetated and lush beauty on the premises. You are treated with a first class butler service that caters to your every little need with a friendly yet professional tone. They make your stay at the Meliá Buenavista a memorable and unique vacation period and even if you thought you could never afford such luxury, they certainly diminish that thought and fit perfectly into your budget.

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