Petit St.Vincent - Experience Caribbean tranquility.

Petit St.Vincent - Experience Caribbean tranquility.

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Petit St.Vincent - Experience Caribbean tranquility.

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Petit St.Vincent (better known locally as PSV) lies 40 miles south of St.Vincent in the Grenadines; a group of islands sprinkled across what may be the most beautiful stretch of water in the Caribbean. Part of the Windward Island chain, the Grenadines drift southwesterly from St. Vincent, the largest of more than 30 islands that make up the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

PSV is a paradise of softly rolling hills spread over 113 acres surrounded by two miles of white sand beaches, PSV has been tamed just enough to allow for the presence of 22 discreet and simple, yet luxurious cottages. Lying well off the tourist mainstream, PSV could be best described by what is not there. There is no airport, no formal check in, no keys. There are no televisions nor are there telephones in the cottages. 

Experience Caribbean tranquility.
Above all however, there is privacy. Here, amid untouched nature and surrounded by warm, crystal-clear, turquoise water, one senses that the island is one’s own.
The truly hermitic guest need never meet another visitor. Room service is available for all meals, either in your own cottage or at any other location on the island. Most guests however, choose to make use of the resort’s beautiful bar and dining room for at least some of their meals.

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