Regent Palms Turks and Caicos

Regent Palms Turks and Caicos

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Luxury suite
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Grace Bay Provo

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Grace bay is one of those typically amazing long stretches of white sandy beach with amazingly warm and clear water. Of course you now just need to find the perfect resort to help you to maximise your stay.


The Regent Palms may just be the place for you. Straight off the bat I am sure you will find equal mesures of people lounging in the sun but this is also a place where you are encouraged to be active with the facilities on offer. The amazing new gym and fitness suite and tennis courts will help rid you of stress. They claim to be the best resort in the Turks and Caicos.

I am stuck here on the beach my sandals got washed away - can the concierge send me some slippers or something ! This was communicated as an incident via TA website and they actually complained for this reason. Well it seems to review very well and another resort hotel that is not letting time pass.

It seems to be an excellent option for families - so if you are looking to be away from the kids then maybe this isnt for you. But you might also get lucky and have a quiet week.
There seems to be the common theme of customer service issues that is prevalent throughout the Caribbean and I think we all do need to accept this cultural relaxed way of live comes at this price. I have seen some people be overly complaining and really expect a lot because in the Caribbean you pay a lot. But the reality is that the staff are not getting the lions share you can be sure so understand when things are ok and when they are not.

Many cite the place as being overpriced. The Turks isn't cheap and compared to other islands this is a recurring theme and so is everywhere. I am saying the Caribbean is not a value place on the whole. There are some cheaper islands to find the same kinds of beaches but not on the more well known islands.

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