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If you want to get to the shops and into the surf scene fast then head for ‘lac’. Lac bay has shallows and guaranteed wind which make it the prime spot located on bonaire’s east coast. In Lac you can find places to rent gear or take a windsurfing course. It’s not the easiest thing to pick up but very rewarding and you can take your skills almost anywhere else but be warned you won’t find better conditions for general windsurfing. For the more advanced go out further for bigger winds and waves and just an amazing time. You will be asking yourself how can I stay here.


Images thanks to: Kontiki Beach Club (edit site no longer working) ,

Lac bay like a lot of the water around Bonaire is protected by the marine park. It’s a good size of 8.5 square k to fool around in so you will find space even though it’s a popular spot for windsurfing. It’s a lot easier to get back on the board time after time in shallower thigh high waters. Also the reef protects the ‘lac’ from excessive surf and the chop is minimal with a big beginner board cuts through and left to let you concentrate on the sail and your feet.
December through August is the higher windy season alternatively they calm otherwise. Regatta week happens in October for mostly boat sailing (not getting in the way here) and during all year you will get windsurfing comps.
In order to help fund the marine park and protect the area and waters around you will need to cough up the reasonable $10 per year which if your scuba diving rises to $25.