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In the past they were called "The Islands That Time Forgot." However, as one of the "hotspots" in the Caribbean, the Cayman islands are now remembered for  being clean, relatively crime-free, prosperous, politically-stable and absolutely charming! The Caymanian people are also genuinely warm and welcoming.

Located just 480 miles due south of Miami, this island trio comprises Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman - each with a beauty and personality of its own. These islands are British colonies and as such are English-speaking.


Of the three, Grand Cayman is the largest and most populated island and is the fifth largest financial center in the world. They are the registered home to more than 500 banks and are the world's second largest domicile (after Bermuda) for captive insurance companies. Not surprisingly, Caymanians enjoy the highest standard of living in the Caribbean.

Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach is incontestably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The warm cobalt waters of the Caribbean Sea are perfect for snorkeling, diving, fishing and other water sports. They are also well known for duty-free shopping, golf - and, most of all, relaxation! As one can expect from such a charming island, the average year-round temperature in this tropical paradise is 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although it's reasonable for not wanting to leave the warm sandy beaches, you really should explore Cayman's rich past by visiting the Cayman Islands National Museum, Fort St. James as well as attractions such as the Cayman Turtle Farm and Hell. Or better yet, go shopping! There are great duty-free prices to be found on such items as jewelry, cameras, and perfumes, among others.

Dining and Cuisine

With well over 150 places to eat, the choice of restaurants, fast-food outlets and small snack bars offers visitors a selection ranging from elegant fine dining to budget fast food and take out.

Traditional Caymanian cuisine has been enlivened by a strong Jamaican influence of jerk, curry and other exciting seasonings. Our traditional dishes feature conch, lobster and other local seafood, cooked in a variety of ways. Local dishes are often complimented by coconut, plantain, breadfruit, yams, cassava, rice and peas and other West Indian side dishes.

Additionally, you'll find plenty of recognizable fast-food chains, like Pizza Hut, Dominos, Subway, Burger King, Wendy's and KFC.

Accommodations in Cayman

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding accommodation in the Cayman Islands. A wide range of hotels, condos, villas, and cottages are there to choose from.

Rates in the Cayman Islands will vary depending on whether you intend to stay in Cayman during the high or low season. The high season in Cayman begins mid December and usually runs through until mid April. During this period you should expect to pay about up to 50% more for a room in the Cayman Islands.

Entertainment & Nightlife

The Cayman Islands offer an enjoyable variety of nightlife and entertainment. Bars, clubs and dance halls must close by 3:00am on weekdays and midnight on Saturdays. There are no nightclubs open on Sunday.

Offerings include:

Night Life: The Next Level, The Matrix, and Chameleon are just a few of the many lively nightclubs in Grand Cayman.

Local Flavour: Top local bands appear regularly at most nightclubs and major hotels. Popular local bands include Coco Red, Exit, 45 C.I., Lammie, Heat, Gone Country, Hi-Tide, and Mainstream.

On the Water: There is a wide variety of sunset and dinner cruises offered by local water sports operators.

On Cayman Brac: There are occasional weekend dances where local bands perform.

Getting Married

Visitors to the Cayman Islands can get married the same day they arrive. This includes passengers arriving on cruise ships, who may be legally married during their day in port in Grand Cayman.

A special license will be granted by the Governor for non-resident couples. The application for this license can be obtained from:

Chief Secretary's Office,
4th Floor, Government Administration Building
George Town, Grand Cayman
Phone: (345) 244-2403

[Check for current pricing - prices shown as a guide only]

The fee for this license is CI$150 plus a CI$10 stamp duty (CI$160 or US$200 total). It is possible to obtain the special license on the day of the marriage, however, visitors are advised to make arrangements in advance to expedite paperwork and all required details.

Couples must arrange for a Cayman Islands Marriage Officer before applying for the license. A list of officers is available from the Chief Secretary's office and can be sent in advance of arrival.

Other requirements include proper documentation proving:

i) citizenship and age (passport or birth certificate)
ii) marital status (proof of legal divorce decree or death certificate if spouse has died, if applicable)
iii) Immigration card showing legal entry into the Cayman Islands (you will receive this card as you clear immigration at the airport), or
iv) Documentation proving visitor is a passenger on a cruise ship. The minimum legal age for getting married without parental consent is 18.

A brochure, 'Getting Married in the Cayman Islands', containing complete guidelines and information is available from:
Government Information Services
Cricket Square, Grand Cayman.
British West Indies
Phone: (345) 949-8092
Fax: (345) 949-5936.