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Guadeloupe Flag
Guadeloupe is made up of 7 islands and is a French colony today and so attracts many French holidaymakers. Basse Terre, Grande-Terre, La Desirade, Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, St Barthelemy and St Martin. It has influences from French Indian and Afro caribbean culture. Grande Terre and Basse Terre form the main bulk of the archipellago. There are beaches rainforest waterfalls and an active volcano, la Soufriere - a lot of things in Guadeloupe take this monoliths name.

Basse Terre is the capital in Basse Terre island, its sights are the ruins of fort Louis Delgres and a 17th century cathedral. On the other main island Grande Terre Point a Pitre is the commercial centre , a port and a town with bustling narrow streets. There are some fascinating museums to explore. There is also the Basse Terre national park which is the 7th in France. With 17000acres there are many walking trails through the rainforest with waterfalls and botanical gardens, maybe you will see the native hummingbird. Thierry Henri and Lilian Thuram have homes here.

Scuba Diving in Guadeloupe (PlongĂ©) 

Jaques Cousteau set up an underwater reserve on the west coast of Basse Terre - 'La réserve Cousteau'. Shallow reefs wrecks and drop offs past 150 ft with good visibility satisfies divers of all abilities. Pigeon Islets is the most dived site in Guadeloupe others include Les Heures, Saines, Les Saintes and La Sec Pate. There are several dive shops and hotels also cater to divers. See the links below for diving resorts and operators in Guadeloupe.

Pigeon Island(s) - The marine reserve surrounds the area and here is the most diving, despite t being well dived it is well managed and the quality is high. The water temperature is a consistent 25-28C 76-79F year round.

Dive Sites worth asking after when you get there :

La Sec Pate or witches hats - underwater pinacles lined up make this an interesting at times drift dive.
Basse Terre wall
Iles des Saintes

There is a hyperbaric chamber in Guadelopu e at The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire.

Surfing in Guadeloupe - It is another caribbean island that provides some tubes , the season runs from October to May. 

Size : 1,780 sq kilometres.
Population : 460,000 
Main City : Basse Terre.
Language : French (Offical language) Creole and English widely spoken.
Currency : Euro , 1 dollar being about .7 euros at time of going to press.

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