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Jamaica ReviewsYou will find some of the best Caribbean Resorts in Jamaica particularly Montego Bay with some of its all inclusive options. Of a similar medium size (as goes for Caribbean Islands) to Puerto Rico. Jamaica is known for producing fast men and women - Usain Bolt currently the fastest man on earth ! But what else does Jamaica mean to the Traveller. Jamaican Night-life is some of the best, you will see some impossible knee busting grooving going on. Negril at sunset is a great experience being very popular. Also being quite mountainous don't miss the views from Blue Mountain 7402ft high. Don't miss Kingston which IS the countries cultural centre and try to visit Hellshire beach on a Sunday the party is here at the week ends too. Unwind in the calmer less developed South Coast The epicentre is Treasure Beach and enquire about a visit to Floyd's Pelican Bar a stilt walking bar in the sea.

Size: 146 miles by 51miles.
Population : 2,731,832
MainCity : Montego Bay for Tourism but the culutral and capital is Kingston !
Time Zone : GMT -5
Currency Jamaican Dollar (J$) 1USD =88.5 J$

When to Go Peak season is mid December to to mid April because of lower rain and a cooling of temperature to somewhere ideal. September and October should be avoided due to humidity and the risk of Hurricanes here though they hit rarely once every 10 years.

Jamaica has a dangerous reputation, but in recent years that is being better understood and is perhaps undeserved and do we have more to worry about in Washington DC ? Take normal precautions and expect to get hussled especially outside of the resort areas. Perhaps this is a reason why so much of the tourism happens behind fences in the major resorts.

Cricket is the national sport outside of great watersports including Scuba Diving.

Eat your local favourite ackee and saltfish for breakfast before trying your sport !

In major resort areas (while not high the price of some other islands) accommodation cannot be found for less than $20 per night. This is usually the guest house kind of thing basic and a perhaps lacking in security you would like (typical that you find across the Caribbean) from entrepreneurial Jamaicans. More likely you will have an all inclusive booked and in Jamaica they have some really top notch resorts.