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Location : Cancun Isla Mujeres, Mexico

A big congratulations too Jason on his latest underwater creations in Cancun on the Isla de Mujeres. I first met Jason on a boat in Grenada - he had just finished work on his first underwater sculptures there - its a fantastic suite of dives, and surely makes Grenada on of the top places to dive in the Caribbbean. He wanted since to move elsewhere and as you can imagine faces a lot of difficulties politically in getting underwater sculptures agreed to. Its pretty rad after all.

cancun diving courses

A nice barracuda says hello ! We call them strippeys in the Caribbean on account of their strippey 'jumpers'.

underwater beetle

Still here are his latest creations - I can't wait to get to dive on them soon. 


Depth 8m, Manchones Reef, Cancun/ Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

A life size 8 ton cement replica of the classic Volkswagon beetle. The sculpture is designed specifically to house marine life whilst exploring the significant impact humans have had on our planets ecosystems and the subsequent affects to future generations. The VW beetle or "votcho" as it is known in Mexico is an iconic symbol and the classic shape was still in production until March 2003. Its rounded aerodynamic shape makes it perfectly suited to maintain stability underwater from strong currents and tropical storms.

Underwater Album Covers ! - Your no one unless your work is an album cover...I remember the baby underwater by Nirvana very well now here is another..

Pearl Jam

The Lost Correspondent is featured on the front cover of Eddie Vedder's new album called Ukulele Songs

Ukulele Songs

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