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St Barthelemy or St Barts as it is often reffered to is one of the more exclusive islands in the Caribbean. For this reason it is popular with celebrities who can escape the paperazi somewhat. It has been compared as a Caribbean version of the south of France it even has a film festival. There is no international airport here you must fly first into St Martin or arrive by boat. It has 22 beaches cooled by tradewinds.
It is a popular spot for sailing and has several races like the St Barth's Bucket or the AGR2 transat. There is a summer festival and a music festival too.

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Size : 8 square miles.
Population :8,700
Main City : Gustavia
Language : French and English
Currency : Eu

Diving : St Barts best diving is around Pain de Sucre just outside Gustavia's harbour, around l'Ane Rouge cape and Coco islet. It isn't an area you would go specifically to scuba dive in however.


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