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trinidad and Tobago Flag
The main reason to visit Trinidad is for the Carnival in February which is one of the most celebrated in the Caribbean. Most visitors however stay on Tobago where tourism is concentrated for the beaches hotels and superb diving. Trinidad is the home of the steelpan drum, and on Sunday don't miss sunday school on Tobago where you can revel away to this music.

Sunday School in Tobago
No not a school and there isn't much religious feeling going on here. Pretty much on a Sunday the vibe on the island is all about Sunday School. Starting at 8.00pm Steel drums play and then the music goes Soca Richie Spice Jamaican Dance Hall R&B and Hip Hop. Watch the "wining" the locals dance by gyrating and putting immense pressure on their knees but its so funny to watch. It gets more fervent as the night gets on and this is definitely a place Tobagans come to pick up.

Tobago is very popular with getting married and hence weddings in tobago are very easy to arrange.

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Size :1,979 Square Miles
Population :1.5 million
Main City :Trinidads main city is Port of Spain and Tobagos main city is Scarborough
Language :English
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollars 1.00 USD = 6.23 TTD at time of publish

Trinidad and Tobago Travel Reviews

Diving : Don't bother with Trinidad unless you are there and can't get to Tobago ! So Tobago Diving : Tobago's Hyperbaric or Recompression Facility is housed at the Roxborough Medical Clinic, 20 minutes from Speyside.
Some of the best dive sites are found around Speyside which isnt the main tourist centre but the hotel up here is nice and its a good place to meet fellow divers. The diving is mostly drift diving but very strong ! Don't let it put you off it can be enjoyed safely. Here you may or may not spot a manta but it is possible, more common to spot them here than in other destinations in the Caribbean. On the other side Sisters rocks is a great dive site this time Hammerheads can be seen but don't expect it sharks are becomming scarce as limp dicks drink shark fin soup. The seas can be choppy this side. Here is a more detailed website about tobago dive sites.