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Cento Internacional de Buceo María La Gorda
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good only for specifics

If you have your own equipment you will enjoy some limited diving. If you don't have your own equipment you will be shocked at the water in the gauges and air jumps of 20 bar if the fills seem low ! gulp ! The boat isn't the most comfortable always stay close to your buddy. This is Cuba and it seems this is quite the norm here.

For such a seemingly isolated area it isn't as you would expect under the surface. Though the reef is decent quality there was a lack of sea life the 5 days I dived there. In fact I wouldn't recommend more.

The resort has good rooms and a few facilities but hopefully there will be a few folks around to chat to .There is no outside of the resort, except a long tarmac road and no transport. So you are stuck there. Get a deal which is full board to save money though as you cant choose where you eat or at least make sure to get dinner and breakfast board at the restaurant.

But if you want an original location to get away from it all then here could be a good option especially if you have your own dive equipment. Don't miss the province of Pinar Del Rio and Vinales !

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