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What are we ?

We love the Caribbean and Scuba Diving. For us it represents the best lifestyle with diving on the planet. So we created a site that allows the public to show their opinion on dive operators dive sites and resorts or other kinds of places to stay. The result is an ever evolving comprehensive diving website that is specialised in the Caribbean region.

Why use us ?

Simply put we know scuba-diving the Caribbean and we want you to have the best experience for your vacation holiday. It is a time consuming business looking through the on-line information and a lot of it is biased. You wont find the destination information you need on other sites, this is a job for our Caribbean Experts - let us guide you.

Why are you not bonded ?

We don't need to be bonded as we are not travel agents who take your money - we offer a finders service and hook you up with the best vacation given your desires.

Terms and Conditions.

1.You are responsible for your content! If you abuse the service provided by then we reserve the right to terminate your membership immediately. We also reserve the right to report your ip to your internet service provider.

Terms and Conditions

The content of this website is presented as is in that the owners and publishers of  accept no liability for the accuracy of such content.

The owners and publishers also make it clear that diving is a dangerous sport and you should be properly trained by a recognised body before entering into any such practises.