Cuba…the best destination for diving

Cuba…the best destination for diving

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Cuba…the best destination for diving

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Dive into paradise with the aid of Cuba's fascinating Caribbean Diving Destinations.

Lying in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, Cuba offers a grand opportunity to experience the best diving memories of all times. From the shallow sandy see-through areas of the beach to the extreme depths of sea-life, you get first hand view of fishes of all kinds and nature, corals reefs, under water living among so much more that is possibly offered. There is never a regretted moment if your visit to Cuba is mainly for the purpose of water-based activities.

While you visit the Caribbean Island, to get the most out of your diving fun, there are a definite set of destinations you ought not to pass up on. These include but not limited to:

  • Avalon — Jardines de la Reina 

Establishing its features and becoming one of the most enticing dive spots in Cuba, Avalon — Jardines de la Reina is a safe haven with environmental protection and safety for both humans, and sea life. You can get the experience of viewing a wide variety including, jewfishes, barracudas, tortoise, sharks and other sea plants.

  • Cueva Azul — Isla de la Juventud 

A natural paradise for corals, tunnels, caverns, variety of fish kinds among other fascinating water based features. The steps to getting the most desired experience of a lifetime, a tunnel, gives you an entrance that offers you the option to exit at two different stops before your complete tour at the third exit. The magnificent view and attraction of the sea life makes the Cueva Azul one of the most desired diving spots in Cuba.

  • Yemayá — María la Gorda

María la Gorda and International Diving Centre have the greatest variety of diving sites in Cuba. The Yemayá dive is a very unique spot in Cuba. Your journey begins with an enticing downward tour of the great vertical Yemayá Wall which gives you nothing less than the best experience and making your fantasy return through a mystery cave after getting a full view of the best fishes, coral and sea life features that the beautiful Caribbean Sean has to offer.

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