Dominica Resorts and Scuba Diving

Dominica Resorts and Diving
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Aerial View
Probably the best money can buy in Dominica this resort was hand made from wood over 9 years. 
7.6 (1)
Castle Comfort Lodge
This is more of a lodge than a resort with some basic but good reviews - perfect for divers since the shop is a part of the lodge and it is well located for the marine park.
7.2 (1)
Sunset Bay Club Beach Resort (+Dive Shop) in Dominica
The sunset bay club has an appaling website but from the reviews you shouldnt remove it from a shortlist of possible resorts. Check to see if you want all inclusive or not as the menu arrangements are of course different. The rooms may like in most resorts be a little dated and are not the largest - but this resort and the dive shop review well.
7.6 (1)
3 results - showing 1 - 3