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Red‐Tipped Sea Goddess
West end divers photo of the month is a Red Tipped Sea Goddess. Scientific Name: Glossodoris sedna Category: Nudibranchs This colorful nudibranch was once found only in the Pacific, and is believed to have made its way to the Caribbean in the ballast water of container ships.
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Jaw Fish - Roatan
These guys swim backwards down into their intricate burrows that are supposedly linked. How we know I don't know maybe we got some diggers in one before. But one time I moved slowly slowly then you can get quite close as the closer you get the less they retreat then at the last minute I charged him and he turned and went into the burrow forwards ! Aren't I...
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Blenny on sponge Roatan
I took this at West End Wall in Roatan Honduras in april 2009, got quite lucky I think. It has made a great desktop image. I'd like to know what kind of Blenny it is for sure, or is it also perhaps a Gobbi ? How does one tell the difference.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3