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Honduras Resorts and Diving
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Scuba Diving The Jado Trader, Guanaja - Gravity's Gone
The Jado Trader is a must do dive if you come this far to the less well known Guanaja in the bay islands. 
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You go out to the point and depending on the current will drift either side. Or you can do this dive from the walls either side and go out towards the point. Look out for the Sargassum trigger fish here as they are pretty blue and not anywhere else on the island of Roatan so thats a great find. This site attracts more pelagic s like baracuda and jacks...
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Roatan Diving - West End Wall
Located in Roatan near West Bay beach. West end wall is situated almost to the point after west bay, which is why it is a great dive site as the chance of spotting larger pelagic fishes is greater. It can be a deep dive down to the josie joe if your a tech diver as that is at 50m. Normally people just delight in the pillar coral sponges that...
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