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It's a great experience all round learning to dive.
Back home in London you get to take it very slowly learning to scuba-dive at your nearest swimming pool. You will be taught the basics by a fully insured and qualified PADI diving instructor at your leisure. This allows you a good amount of time to get really comfortable diving in a shallow clear environment before heading for the still very clear waters of the Caribbean.


A look at learning to dive in London

Some of the reasons why you should be interested...

We don't ask you to commit to anything you can just start the course in the UK and leave it there or take it up another time one day.
If you don't like the feeling of breathing underwater then you will find out before committing to a holiday in a diving area like the red sea for example.

  • A great way to meet new friends.
  • A great way to challenge yourself in something new.
  • A great adventure and holiday in the Caribbean.

Get your open water diving course and possibly (if yu choose) advanced diving certification within a week due to the advantage of pre learning what takes time while on holiday.

Please contact us for more information on where your nearest pool is, groups welcome.