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Do you want to advertise your diving business for free where it will be seen by google ? or as a diver do you want to discover more about diving in the caribbean.

To post your diving business do one of the following 

1) You can post us articles of news with the Contact Us Form. You might want to advertise your dive shop for example. Google and the other search engines regularly look at the text in this site (YOUR TEXT) and will show it up in its result pages.

2) Add your diving business/resort to the listings section. A listing could contain enough info to give potential customers an idea of your dive operation quickly, then the entry you made can link out to your own website. It's a great proven marketing tool. tries to satisfy the following core concepts: 

 1. To bring divers and dive resorts together.

 2. To build a strong online information based community of divers interested in diving and or living in the CARIBBEAN.