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Learn to dive with PADI Caribbean

PADI stands for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. You can learn all about the largest growing diving affiliation in the world by visiting this link - if you want to see what PADI have to say on the Caribbean then follow their section here.

You most probably have heard of them as they have done an amazing job of teaching diving instructors to teach students and so on. They provide a solid platform for you to continue your scubadiving education and all the time controlling the costs to just the right level because dive instructors don't earn much - it's a lifestyle you understand. PADI have made diving affordable to the masses and no where is there a better place to learn to dive than the caribbean.


As someone interested in scubadiving you will be in good hands by selecting a PADI course like discover scuba diver (a favourite for cruis ship visitors as it is a half days teaching followed by diving and you get back to your cruise ship in time)or the Open Water Scuba Diver course because they set standards for the teaching most importantly however I have seen some less great examples of them being followed in some asian countries for example. So take some key advice and also use your own judgement about the cleanliness of the dive shop and the people working there. It can show a level of professionality. Also ask them about safety and you want to be hearing that they carry oxygen on the boat. Not a requirment it shows they give extra care about you and the business. 
Of course check online to see that they review well. You can check on this website for recommended dive shops in the Caribbean.

learn to dive equalize

Discover Scuba Diving Course - This course is a great intro to scuba diving but it doesn't allow you to go fun diving in a group after unlike the open water course below. However you will go diving and learn the fundamentals of dive safety and be safe with your instructor or divemaster right with you. Having done this you might want to go for the open water scuba diver course below.

Open water scuba diver course - This is the course for you if you enjoy the water swimming and want to experience the underwater adventure. You probably already snorkelled and loved it and want to get closer to the marine life. You dont need to be super fit in fact scuba diving is very accesible to people with dissabilities - often scuba diving sets them free. It also is the best course to take because once you are certified then your diving is relatively cheap and you can do what is known as fun diving - just going on the boat meeting like minded people and all diving together usually with a divemaster.

In truth when you are learning to dive you will not be so bothered by the range of diving a location may offer so there are few Caribbean places you would not learn to dive in I can't think of any right now as in fact all have the required features for learning to dive.

To recommend some over others I would pick those that have shorter boat rides like Roatan on Honduras or Bonaire. I would also try to find out about the confined water sessions and where these take place. I think you cant beat a pool initially though confined water is water that is shallow and very safe and not possible to be intruded upon. many Caribbean beaches have this at least if the resort does not.