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Soufriere - suffering the transfer

Went diving today from my resort in reduit beach, long trip to the boat called dive fair helen via castries. But all good from then on excellent service and care though there was no dive shop as such the boat had all we needed - everything was done on board then off southwards to the marine park and soufriere. Two dive sites keyhole peaks and before that site was superman's flight normally a drift dive but today not much current to speak of. If you are looking to dive a lot in St Lucia you should make sure you get closer to the dive shop or find a closer one which may be another solution. The transfer was really killing it for me so for 1 hour 45 minutes of time in the water it took from 8.30 to past 4. So this isn't a workable solution for me staying in the st lucian by rex resorts. I hope I can do more diving and I would do this again but not more. Lee concurred with me who was staying even further north in smugglers cove, its a torrid minibus ride - I hate those things. Come on guys where is the water transport ?

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