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Welcome to the Caribbean an amazingly untouched beauty awaits. Welcoming people and amazing activities to transform you in mind body and spirit.
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Blog posts about Aruba, the A in ABC islands.
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The 'B' of the A B C's full of dutch vacationers, scuba divers and pirates. 
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Honduras' northern coast is the Caribbean albeith the south western corner where you will find the bay islands where most tourism is centred. Please blog about Honduras here which includes Roatan Utilia and Guanaja of course.
Please post your blogs that are about jamaica here.
St Lucia frequented by Superman - this is where we would like your blog posts on St Lucia.
Please use this category for your blogs about the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.
This blog category is for articles that have tips and general advice on shooting underwater. Technology is changing the way this subject is happening but some of the old tips still remain.Lighting Lighting Lighting  - but don't give up there if you dont want to get too expensive or techy. Have a look at the intro guide and some of the videos you mi...ght be surprised at what a couple of hundred quid can get you. It might also reinvigorate your passion for diving. More
Posts about these twin islands.