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Scuba Diving is highly developed in the Bahamas and there are always places nearby to get wet. It's such a massive area to cover but here we will do our best to condense the array of options and locations.

The Best Dives or kinds of diving offered in the Bahamas

Shark Diving – Stuart Cove one outfit that offers shark diving where you can get the opportunity to dive with Caribbean Reef Sharks.
Liveaboard diving.
Dolphin Diving.The Blue HoleThe Exuma Cays and further to less visited Conception Island
Abacos and Eleuthra (Current Cut)

Liveaboard Diving Operators in the Bahamas

"Liveaboard diving differs from land-based operations in its convenience and intensity. The ocean is literally your back yard, only a few paces from the boat's salon. Virtually all travel time is eliminated, thus enabling as many as five (or even more) dives per day.
There is no lugging of gear to the boat for a day's dive. There is no hour-long boat ride to a dive site followed by an hour-long ride to return. There are no shopping trips, restaurant choices, and taxi cabs.
Diving is generally regarded as "unlimited" with only general schedules as the boat moves from site to site throughout the day. Tanks are refilled much faster than they are used.
After you board the Sea Dragon, you'll spend your time diving, eating, sleeping, and engaging in low-key shipboard entertainment (e.g., reading, conversation, napping, slide shows, board games). A typical day includes four to five dives on a total of four or more dive sites (more if you can find the time).
Sea Dragon diving is great for divers who can run their own dive profiles and wish general overviews of dive sites before they enter the water and explore on their own." - Sea Dragon Liveaboard

Here are some companies that can get you a diving holiday based from a boat yacht or a dedicated scuba diving liveaboard.
If there any companies out there to be added please contact us with the information.

Bahamas yacht charters & sailing Bahamas Boat offers luxury sailing and motor yacht charters in the Bahamas

Sea Dragon Bahamas - This is a charter company offering charters to the Exuma Cays from Nassau Harbor Club.

Tropical Yachts - Offers destinations for charters beyond the Bahamas. Here the boas leave from Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbor. There are many things on offer so head over and take a look for yourself.

Cat Ppalu the Liveaboard charter yacht offers scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and adventure cruises. Each week we set sail from Nassau to the Exuma Islands on the 65' sailing catamaran, Cat Ppalu. This is the ultimate escape aboard your own private yacht.

Dolphin Dream Liveaboard : Liveaboard Scuba Diving on the M V Dolphin Dream in the Bahamas. Liveaboard scuba diving trips to visit wild dolphins, hungry sharks,spectacular coral reefs. Intriguing ship wrecks, ancient turtles..

Blackbeard's Cruises offers Liveaboard scuba diving travel vacations to the Bahamas Out Islands. We offer the Caribbean's largest variety of diving including shark dives, walls, high speed drift dives including the Washing Machine, night dives, blue holes and the beautiful coral reefs of the Exumas Land & Sea Park.Our 3 sailboats; Sea Explorer, Morning Star and Pirate's Lady depart Nassau every Saturday for a week of live aboard diving in the Exumas, SW Eleuthera & Little San Sal in the Central Bahamas. The camaraderie and adventure on our liveaboard dive trips keep divers coming back year after year. Our motto is "Twice the Fun for Half the Price" won't get a better bang out of your diving dollar anywhere else!

Aqua Cat Cruises offers a leisurely liveaboard scuba diving and snorkeling adventure vacation in the Bahamas. Each week we cruise from Nassau, Bahamas to the remote islands of the Exumas.

Blue Iguana Charters : Offering Tiger Shark Diving in the Bahamas is this company and 7 wrecks in 7 days, the latter being an offering of Diving in Florida

Water Temperature for Divers in the Bahamas

Month Temp Range  
April 74F-75F   23C During April and May, consider a single piece 3/16 (5mm) full body suit.
May 75F-77F   24C
June 78F-80F   26C During June through october, most people wear a "shorty" 3/16 (5mm) or a 3 mil.Wetsuits are a very personal thing. Wehn you learn to dive you dont even think about the cold but when you teach scuba diving or divemaster then you seem to feel the cold more.
July 80F-82F   27C
August 81F-83F   28C
September 80F-82F   27C
October 78F-80F   26C
November 77F-79F   26C  

Diving Safety

The nearest chamber is in Nassau to serve any diving accident. We would recommend that you dive safely in the limits recommended by your training and check that the dive boat always carries Oxygen ! This is one of the biggest factors that can save you in the event of a diving related accident.