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We have selected some of the more interesting sites to dive if you get the chance ask your dive operator about doing them.

Waiwinette freighter

Strong currents and the wreck being in 90 feet of water make this a challenge.

Keyhole Pinnacles

4 seamounts rising from incredible depths to within a few feet of the surface. This is a very highly rated dive in the Caribbean and among St Lucia's best.

Anse Chastanet

in a unique coral wall that continues from Anse Chastaner Bay around the headland of Grand Caille and in towards the harbor of Soufriere.

Anse La Raye

After a small wall there are some coral formations that are boulder shape.

Coral Gardens

How can you resist a dive at the base of the mighty Gros Piton ? Coral fingers extend out and down to just 50ft.

The Lesleen M

Upright in 60 ft 18.2 m is the wreck of Lesleen M located near Anse Cochon west side of St Lucia. You can get a great time on the wreck since the depth allows a good bottom time before you run out of bottom time.

Superman's Flight

Named from a scene shot on location in St Lucia for the movie Superman 2, this dive site is a drift dive on a gentle wall that drops to 1600 ft. Start the dive from the base of Petit Piton. Good visibility and Pelagic activity are features of this dive site.

Further Reading

If you want to learn more about the management of the water in the west of the island then you can visit the Soufriere Marine Management Association (SMMA) website (no working link- help anyone) there are now modest fees that help them protect the reef from illegal fishing and mooring etc this benefits you as a scubadiver, take a look and learn more about them.