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St Vincent and the Grenadines Flag It must be screen sexy as St Vincent and the Grenadines was where Hollywood chose to film the scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp was marooned in the Tobago Cays ! The islands are of volcanic nature and are a scuba divers paradise not to mention the sailing. Mass tourism has yet to hit here. There are deserted islands with nothing on them or the other extreme Palm Island that just has the resort on it which is the island - Luxury Vacationing !
Comprising 32 islands southwards to Grenada with some isolated islets and Cays this is a sailing paradise with exclusivity due to access mostly best done by sailing in truth therefore names such as Mustique Bequia Union Island and Canouan spring to mind as perfect paradise. The capital Kingstown nestles in the hills and is overlooked by Fort Charlotte 600 ft tall. It is now a museum with the history of the Black Caribs on its walls. It has a nice market square fridays and saturdays comming alive with vendors. The beaches have both black and white sands for hiking there are more gentle routes or a 3 hour climb to the top of the dormant La Soufriere which last blew in 1979.

Size :133 Square Miles
Population :107,000
Main City :Kingstown
Language :English
Currency:Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD or EC

Diving : Tobago Keys Horeshoe reef visibility up to 120 ft and Mayreau is the British gunship Purina. Petit St Vincent and Petit Tabac also have magnificent reefs the former at one spot has a sulphur deposit activity going on at 65 ft plus...Off of Bequia there is a great wall and a rock pinnacle- the bullet these sites have strong currents but offer the best chances of seeing pelagics.

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