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Learn about Turks and Caicos Islands

Cook’s Guide to a well-kept Secret

As a travel correspondent for Thomas Cook Travel Agency, I was given the task to report back on why more and more of their passengers were choosing to fly to these Islands instead of vibrant New York City or Hollywood. I had to find out why flights to the Turks and Caicos Islands were being bought as opposed to flights to Vegas. Was there some inside information these holiday-goers knew that I didn’t?

Paddle Boarding Turks and Caicos

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Answer…oh yes. Turks and Caicos islanders are quick to tell you about secret coves, ‘ba roos’ surf locations and ‘top-to-bottom’ sites for the ultimate snorkelling experience. I think they want you to have the most epic experience you can, so it’s no good that I keep the islands’ gems to myself either.

Nom nom nom nom…

Conchs are the islands biggest export and islanders use every single part to bring you a fresh and delicious number of dishes from stews to fritters. They have more traditional international foods for the unadventurous but when I visited Da Conch Shack, they had smooth music and I had beautifully cooked chowder with a cold couple of beers.

Splash! Ah Hah

There is so much to do, you’d think it was the same attractions seen at any island resort but these islands offer the following activities in the clearest waters in the world.

Kite Boarding on Long Bay Beach – make sure to get lessons…I lied…it hurt
Stand Up Paddle boarding – a great workout but needs a lot of practise to get the hang of
Fishing – I’m not big on fishing but they offer fly fishing, night fishing or bottom fishing I heard
Snorkelling – low level exploration of the turquoise waters. I took a shallow swim in the waters of Gibbs Cay and was amazed at the giant stingrays

Scuba Diving – there is astonishing clarity and visibility of marine life and near 200 miles of vibrant coral reefs.

Heaven in a Hut

I stayed in a beautiful cabin in Providenciales at Amanyara. It was gorgeous, low-key and truly embodied its name “Place of Peace”. It was a private wooden cabin with private pools and out door showers when you want to rinse off from an excursion. I used the outdoor showers after surfing because lets face it…the sand gets absolutely everywhere.

So, What do we think?

It’s difficult to spot marketing traps, getting unsuspecting first timers to go to the obvious places with hordes of people packed into minibuses, essentially tourist traps that I am always trying to weed out.

Go beyond the standard Google search or YouTube video and find your own secret gems hidden on the islands, waiting to be discovered.