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The Turks and Caicos though 40 islands only 8 are inhabited. As a diving tourist your main point of access will be the islands of Providenciales and Grand Turk. Humpback whales pass by December to March and if your diving near to Salt Cay you may get to spot them !

The Turks and Caicos prides itself on being safe and having world class accomodation. Providenciales is the centre of the tourism industry some say its 12 mile beach, Long Grace Bay Beach is the best in the Caribbean. Grand Turk has more historical monuments and buildings. Middle Caicos and North Caicos are a nature lovers paradise with resident pink flamingos across the wetlands. South Caicos is good for fishing.

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Blogs - This Turks and Caicos blog is in Spanish but there are some great images - it isn't looking so fresh as once before but none the less is a good blog.

Diving :Apart from passing Whales Salt Cay is home to the wreck Endymion, a British man o war. Its cannons ballast and anchor are still on the shallow seabed.

West Caicos is popular and has good wall dives. It also has a 10 ft diameter elephant ear sponge ! Perhaps the worlds largest. The walls attract larger pelagic fishes too. There are all kinds of topographical canyons sea mounts ledges and swim throughs.

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