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Iberostar Daiquiri Cayo Guillermo
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Wow what a place! The resort and general area

I have been mean on the level of quality because the drinks could be sugary syruppy horror story. They really don't do a rum punch! But the room we had a superior which was comfortable and very nice. No bath, didn't miss that as we had a great walk in shower. Beds were nice and comfortable the air con was integrated into the wall not a separate unit- it worked well. There were few insects that were annoying. I am not sure where I stand on the fogging to kill them off. Remember this is the cayos and it is uninhabited - no town and you are in the heart of mangrove where if they did not fog it might be brutal.
I was fishing and found the devastation of Irma telling on the fish life.
The staff were amazing and very friendly, in some ways they made the trip more special. I loved fishing from the pier and the night time shows were of a high standard. From memory the settings of the theatre of the Melia next door was slightly better.
Food was ok, but the mexican restaurant was disappointing. The red wine atrocious. When you get over these small things quickly because there are 20 that arrive to the next few minutes...if it is a quick walk to the pier and jump in the crystal clear and inviting water to a cuban band in the lobby playing for you while you ponder what to drink...Cuba is going to clean up the tourism in the Caribbean, watch out other islands. And also the pool and area is very family friendly and equally good for adults. The swim up bar is in the shade is the only negative and really that didn't affect it. I don't think you will regret coming here so long as the price is not too high for you. This resort did feel better than a 3 star in Antigua for example.
For reference we went mid April just after the easter bookings it was busy and though annoyingly people were reserving sunbeds we managed to get over that as there was space by the pool. STOP RESERVING SUNBEDS!
There were quite a few kite boarders staying and surfing this weeks strong winds which (the winds) did mess up my fishing to a degree. I hope to return and fish some more..

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