• 10 Highlights of The Caribbean

    surfing in barbados

    10 Caribbean Things not to miss before you die - lets get on with it !

    1) Swimming with Dolphins
    Not every island offers it but the Bahamas do pretty much the most interactive show! It's not just shows or tours that offer this it can be done occasionally through luck..

  • The best way to learn to dive in the Caribbean


    Learn to dive with PADI Caribbean

    PADI stands for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. You can learn all about the largest growing diving affiliation in the world by visiting this link - if you want to see what PADI have to say on the Caribbean then follow their section here.

    You most probably have heard of them as they have done an amazing job of teaching diving instructors to teach students and so on. They provide a solid platform for you to continue your scubadiving education and all the time controlling the costs to just the right level because dive instructors don't earn much - it's a lifestyle you understand. PADI have made diving affordable to the masses and no where is there a better place to learn to dive than the caribbean.

  • What makes for the Luxury Caribbean Resort ?

    So how do you know that you have found a Luxury resort ?
    – well it may look expensive and it was listed as a Luxury resort may not be enough. Trip Advisor can be of help but you have to read between the lines and really the user photos report a more truthy picture than the marketed airbrushed glossy magazine photographs do. Yes in fact do that step, it is an efficient way to guage if that star rating is accurate. Ignore the stars somewhat when looking at resorts is another key they are simply misleading.